Discover one of the Spanish gastronomic treasures from Seville

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Iberian ham or "Ibérico" ham has become much better known over the last few years, which is no surprise as it is the best ham in the world, especially if it is the acorn-fed variety.

On this trip, you will visit the Sierra of Aracena, north-west of Seville and the most important area for the production of Iberian ham in Spain. These hams are cured in the mountain air for up to 3 years and are considered by many people to be the jewel in the crown of Spanish gastronomy.

You will visit a farm in a beautiful setting to see how the pigs are reared and then go on to see the installations of one of the best ham producers in the town of Jabugo, a mythical name in Spain for fine ham. An expert will show you around, explaining the processes involved in the production of ham and of other products which come from the Iberian pig. You will see thousands upon thousands of hams hanging and slowly curing. At the end of the visit, taste the wonderful ham along with a glass of the best fino or manzanilla sherry, a perfect pairing of food and wine!

Afterwards, head to the town of Aracena and enjoy a gourmet lunch at the finest restaurant in the area. Dishes might include asparagus, artichokes, wild mushrooms, cheese, acorn-fed Iberian pork and many other possibilities that will change depending on the season, as everything is local. The food will be accompanied by fine Spanish wine and end with some great dessert.

After all this food, your guide will recommend a walk up to the local castle before heading back to Seville.


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