The setting, our wines and our chef's cuisine... a perfect home-made blend

Join us to discover our wines, wine making and gastronomy. We would like to invite you for a unique moment, the right blend between theory and practice and a lunch to turn your visit into a beautiful hedonistic experience.

Gourmet Experiences
Start date
April 02, 2017
End date
October 21, 2017
From 1 to 3 hours

We are pleased to welcome you for a special moment at Château du Tertre. For starters, we propose a tour that will give you an insight into our terroir and our conception of wine making. We will lead you through the vineyard, the vat room, the barrels cellars and, last but not least, the tasting room. We will have you experience terroir through a comparative tasting of our two Classified Growths of the Margaux appellation: Château du Tertre and Château Giscours. Two properties touching each other and yet so different...

After the tasting, we will invite you to join us for lunch at the Orangerie in the private part of the property. An orangerie was a dedicated building on the grounds of fashionable residences from the 17th to the 19th centuries where orange and other fruit trees were protected during winter. The orangery originated from the Renaissance gardens of Italy, when glass-making technology enabled sufficient expanses of clear glass to be produced. In the north, the Dutch led the way in developing expanses of window glass in orangeries.

The luncheon will be prepared by our chef and accompanied by a selection of our wines. We would like you to experience a truly special moment by giving you a taste of the French Art de Vivre. We are looking forward to welcoming you at Château du Tertre.

  • Service provided for a minimum of 8 people.


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