Explore the historic Chartrons district in Bordeaux before a visit to a local wine merchant.

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Explore the old wine merchants’ neighborhood of Bordeaux.

The Chartrons neighborhood got it names from the Chartreux (Carthusian monks) that created a convent at this location in the 14th century. Since the 16th century, this neighborhood, located along the Garonne River, has been the heart of the wine merchants. After being abandoned for many years, Chartrons has undergone a very important renovation to bring it back to its former glory. The old warehouses have become museums or antique dealers.

With your guide, explore the history of wine in Bordeaux and discover this neighborhood which is itself a town within town!

During the tour, you will see some of the most beautiful 18th century town houses built by the rich merchants, and you will discover some of France’s gourmet specialties: cheese, wine and the local ‘puits d’amour’. We will also stop at the CAPC, Bordeaux’s Modern Art Museum, located in the Entrepot Lainé –the old warehouse that was used to stock food during the colonial times. It was renovated in 1973 by Jean Louis Froment, and it now houses one of the most important collections of modern art in France.

Late morning you will head to one of the leading Bordeaux wine merchants, the last to still have their wine cellars close to the Garonne River. Their cellars house 2,500,000 bottles, including a library were about 10,000 large format bottles of ‘Grands Crus’ are stored -6 liters Imperials, 5 liters Jeroboams, 3 liters Double-magnums and 1.5 liters Magnums).

The buildings were constructed in 1830, during the golden years of architecture in Bordeaux, by a local wine trader. The stone used in the cellars guarantees an ideal temperature throughout the whole year, a perfect hygrometry, a low luminosity and the absence of vibrations. The visit includes a tasting of 3 wines.


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