"Welcome to the land of Moai, cazuela and Cabernet Sauvignon!"

Tailor-made experiences in the wine regions of Chile

We are proud to work with the best local guides and drivers, winery owners, restaurants, and boutique hotels to ensure that every client’s experience is of the highest quality in every aspect. It has taken us years to build these relationships, and we are not done yet.

We will take care to place you in unique scenarios you are unlikely to stumble across on your own.

Over the past 12 years, we have discovered a lot of under-the-radar adventures, bike routes, unconventional modes of transportation, the best chefs, and the most innovative wine projects. We will provide you with an exclusive access to them and then let you “rediscover” all these unparalleled experiences on your own. Do you want to get the most from your travel time and capture the true flavor of the places you visit? We promise you will have your OWN experience, the one that speaks to you and will keep speaking to you long after you’ve returned home.

We will connect you with knowledgeable locals who will help you collect the best moments.

We have made meaningful connections with the ‘movers and shakers’ of our destinations, who are eager to share the knowledge of their backyard and become your true travel companions. Get a taste of the Central Valley at the studio of a famed Chilean chef Patricio Cáceres, or bring Easter Island’s story to life with the granddaughter of the archeologist who restored the famed Moai statues. Wherever you go, be sure it will be local people who will show you the real South America.

We value out-of-the-ordinary travel journeys that push the boundaries of what you imagined possible.

Innovation is the key to creating all of our unique opportunities. Picture yourself sharing an exceptional food and wine pairing evening with the elite group of independent winemakers (MOVI) or retreating to a 19th-century private hacienda after a day of cat-skiing. Whether high adrenaline or low key (or a combination of the two), these experiences are not usually mentioned in the guidebooks. We are endlessly curious about what is happening in the region and fully equipped with the most recent and creative ideas to make sure you will find yourself in a place unlike anywhere else.

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