Enjoy a day of golf and wine

Luxury golf tour in Santiago, Chile

Discover one of the premium golf courses of South America and indulge in some fine wine as you tee- away!

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Multiple days

This is only an example of a golf & wine experience in Chile. Our wine tours are entirely tailor-made to suit visitors' preferences, they can be shorter or longer depending on their needs. Please contact us to design your own bespoke wine tour.

On your wine holiday to the beautiful city of Santiago, you will be in for a treat! With an incredible number of popular wineries to visit to a host of delicious wines to taste, Santiago will be sure to fill up your wine-appetite. After extensive wine-tasting and cellar visiting sessions, if you crave for sport in your holiday, we have the perfect solution for you!

Located barely an hour's drive away from the bustling capital city of Chile, the stunning golf course at the Club Hacienda Chicureo awaits you!

The Club Hacienda Chicureo incorporates one of the most unique golf courses in South America. The place has many physiographic conditions that have been adapted and integrated both on the court, and to the surrounding residential community. Such conditions include an undulating and gently sloping terrain, natural gorges, rock outcroppings, native vegetation type "savannah" close-up views and panoramic views of the valley and the surrounding hills.

The master plan golf course is a combination of court compact core and one with single and double fairways, developed radially around the Club House and related equipment, at the foot of Cerro Colorado. The design of the golf course offers various combinations of partial circuits play four, five, nine eighteen holes, allowing a wide variety of simultaneous games.


  • Discover one of the best golf courses in South America
  • Enjoy an exclusive game of golf in the best surroundings with neautiful panoramic views
  • Sip on delicious Chilean wine 


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