Château l’Etampe - Exclusive Privatization Only

Luxury accommodation at Château l'Etampe in Saint-Emilion, France

Château l'Etampe is an elegant 19th century Bordeaux residence made of white stones.
Of human size, it sits in the middle of its own vineyards, Saint Emilion Grand Cru.
This luxury residence is at your disposal exclusively, only in its entirety. On demand we accept groups for the day.

Type of hotel : LUXURY Location : VINEYARDS Type of restaurant : NO RESTAURANT ON-SITE


If there are many castles in France, castles producing their own wine are much rarer. And the châteaux linked to a prestigious appellation are a kind of dream of the absolute.

When you come to stay at Château L'Etampe, you will discover both a Saint-Emilion Grand Cru vineyard, cultivated in biodynamic methods, and the château that gives it its name. A unique experience that will make you understand and feel this alchemy between a Château and a Great Wine: they are now one.

At Château l'Etampe, located a stone's throw from the old historic village of Saint-Emilion, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will feel welcomed in a world steeped in history, tradition and culture. A peaceful world, in the heart of the vineyards and nature, a world in search of perfection and ideals too, because Château L'Etampe is a place of demanding quest for authenticity and excellence.

For enlightened Bordeaux wine lovers, Château l'Etampe wine will be much more than a tasting experience. With the Cellar Master, it is the discovery of a viticulture converted to biodynamics.

A viticulture that puts the emphasis back on working the vines, without pesticides, adapted to the rhythm of the phases of the moon: it is in the middle of these protected vines that you will live, by choosing Château l'Etampe.

A viticulture that knows how to carefully accompany the maturation and development of great wines, by taking the necessary time: by settling at Château l'Etampe, you will come into contact with this place where the wines gradually develop their character.

As you criss-cross the Figeac plateau to reach Château l'Etampe, you will feel, everywhere, the opulence, strength and beauty of this region of Saint-Emilion, where the History of France is closely linked to the History of Wine.

Château l'Etampe is reached by a path lined with cypress trees in the vineyards. First, we can see its silhouette, its double pediment, its pilasters that frame the entrance, its facade of blond stones, typical of Aquitaine, where a wisteria stretches.

Château L'Etampe is a residence of classic style, and girondin style. Large without being too large, with a touch of Tuscan charm.

The Teycheney Family, Bordeaux winegrowers for 6 generations, and owner of Château L'Etampe, decided to completely restore this residence, to welcome lovers of great Bordeaux wines and cultural tourism. With a bias of great simplicity, classicism and a contemporary design integrating the old family furniture.

At Château l'Etampe, sincerity and serenity go hand in hand with luxury and comfort, so that every guest, wherever he or she may be in this residence, feels perfectly at ease.

Enter at ground level into the white stone vestibule with marble cabochons. A large oak staircase invites you to discover the five beautiful suites on the first floor. This entrance sets the tone of the place:

A classic sobriety, a refined style, enhanced by a console in the shape of a fleur-de-lis, all in silver leaf mirrors. Decorative wink chosen by the Teycheney family in homage to the artist-designer Serge Roche, who created it in the 1930s and who today recalls the seal of the Jade Vineyards.

In grey-blue tones, the large lounge welcomes you, with its 18th century walnut fireplace where a fire of vine shoots crackles. Céline Noyelle has chosen two dominant colours: purple, reflecting the powerful colour of the Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, and Prussian blue, the colour of the grapes. Strange alchemy that of this Prussian blue, discovered in 1709 by boiling cochineals, and which, after having given a first purple juice, turned deep blue. Thus, all the furniture and decoration of L'Etampe castle is based on these two apparently opposite colours, but which, in reality, are complementary. This is the spirit of 19th century decoration, as conceived by Honoré de Balzac: avoid "multicoloured" and give it a "two-tone" atmosphere.

The large living room, with double exposure, is oriented towards the vineyards and the swimming pool. It is illuminated by lighting fixtures chosen by Contardi, such as ceramic hangers or lanterns. The grey sofas and a large old purple red kilim, the Prussian blue curtains published by Casamance thus create a binary harmony around the Ying and the Yang. A particular atmosphere too, due to the maintenance in the castle of its old furniture, supplemented by objects inherited from the family or sourced. The original billiard table and the furniture designed for karaoke invite you to relax with family or friends.

Upstairs, two of the five suites have kept their ceilings covered with spectacular blond oak trusses. This is the current trend in decoration: the "match & mix", mixing their raw appearance and warm colour that captures the light with the sophisticated elegance of blue curtains. The doors have also kept their authentic Bordeaux handles to preserve the charm of the region.

In the same spirit, in all the suites, old and new have been subtly combined: with a custom-made layout by the Ormeo joinery and lighting from Parachilna (Barcelona), to create a very soft atmosphere. Thus, in a room, you will find a Louis-Philippe sofa, a heritage of the past. In another suite, the barbershop furniture that once belonged to Gustave Eiffel...Céline Noyelle revisits the decorative codes of the "château". It proposes a re-reading of the heritage, just as wine itself represents a reinterpretation of nature.

Each room has its own identity and its own bathroom dedicated to it: the red thread is, for all the bathrooms, the same treatment of the floors, all in white marble with a grey vein, and the same colour on the walls, with Prussian blue earthenware. The same goes for the bathroom fittings, made in England, which play on marbles, chrome and brass, reminiscent of the golden colour of the juice of the grape bunches. However, each bathroom has a particular finish, notably through the use of different geometric patterns, a play of various inlays of parquet and marble in the floors, an original creation by Céline Noyelle. The Australian beauty and body care brand AESOP, which promotes sensory pleasure, has been chosen for the well-being of our guests.

On demand:

  • Chef is also available for your dinner and we can organize your breakfast.
  • We accept groups for the day.

Château l'Etampe - Saint Emilion

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