Discover Irish whiskey in a secret Shibeen

Private Shibeen Access and Whiskey Tasting in Ireland

Includes a special tour of a traditional private "shibeen" and a bespoke day with exclusive experiences.

Exclusive Experiences
Full day

Private Shibeen Access and Whiskey Tasting in Ireland

Find yourself sneaking behind a fig tree and through a secret door to a private haven with premium Irish whiskeys lit only by candlelight. Enjoy artisan cheese tastings, paired with a homemade spiced chutney and organic maple syrup, as you find yourself transporting back to a time when alcohol was served at an illegal Irish pub using barter instead of money to avoid alcohol taxes. Without breaking the law as they did, you will experience a place that whiskey lovers escaped to decades before you, and get a chance to pour one out for your predecessors.

Along with private access to this once illegal place called a “shibeen”, enjoy a luxurious day full of splendor and indulging. Have access to a chauffeur in a vintage limo and spend time in a beautiful country manor. Allow us to customize your experience by adding cooking lessons, musical performances, yacht excursions, candle making lessons, and more to your whiskey tasting and shibeen experience.

  • Exclusive tour and access to private shibeen
  • Customizable itinerary for the day with premier experiences

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