Intense experience to evaluate the senses of taste and smell

Exclusive food and wine experience in Catalunya, Spain

Visit our winery and discover new sensations during a unique and surprising pairing.

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Half a day

Taste is just one of the five human senses, but what happens when one of the others is completely blocked out? That's a question you should be able to answer after living this experience.

Get ready for a one of a kind experience where you will enjoy a fine meal in a very unusual way. Blindfold yourself and taste the food which will heighten your tastebuds and prepare them for an extravagant experience. By covering your eyes, you will savor your food in a completely new way and enjoy trying to recognize the flavors and aromas of each wine and dish. A member of the staff will guide you through this experience in the cozy masia-restaurant, Mas Rabell. A Catalan farmhouse in the heart of the Penedès, owned by the Torres family, Mas Rabell retains the rustic charm and the beauty of the traditional. It gives a unique winemaking environment to any traditional, creative and deliciously Mediterranean activity.

In this experience, every tapa will be accompanied by a different wine which will be paired perfectly with the flavours of the meal. The experience is curated closely with the staff of the restaurant so will be guided through this experience to make it even more enriching.

Afterwards, you can enjoy a wonderful meal prepared by our chef, Sergi Millet. The menus for the meal can be chosen by you upon request. This exquisite meal experience is sure to titillate your senses and leave your senses entranced. 


  • Enjoy a unique meal experience which challenges your senses
  • You will taste a course of tapas blindfolded
  • The tapas will be each paired with fine wines
  • You will indulge in an exclusive meal prepared by a renowned chef after this tasting experience

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