Incentive trips from Rioja to Catalunya and Jerez

Exclusive corporate wine tours in Spain

The vineyards of Spain make for a stunning setting to host your next corporate team building tour

Exclusive Experiences
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These are only some example of corporate wine experiences in Spain. Our wine tours are entirely tailor-made to suit visitors' preferences: they can be shorter or longer depending on their needs. Please contact us to design your own bespoke incentive trip or team building wine tour.


The beautiful country of Spain is known for its modern cuisine, traditional architecture, awe-striking art museums and delectable wines! From the traditional sparkling Cava wine and the heavy, bold reds from Rioja to the fortified, nutty Sherry from Jerez, Spain’s wine regions are here to suit your every wine-need!

The vineyards of Spain make for a stunning setting to host your next corporate team building tour. May it be at the recently voted Best European City 2018 - San Sebastian- and Bilbao in the north of Spain, or in the southern bustling region of Seville, famous for its flamenco dancing, the opportunities are endless while planning a corporate tour in this vibrant country.

Join your colleagues on an exciting adventure in the famous wine region of Rioja, where you can indulge in exclusive wine-tasting sessions, enjoy a meal at a 3 Michelin stars restaurant or visit the famous Guggenheim museum and admire the ever-changing face of modern art. In Catalunya, you could indulge in wine and food pairing sessions or even blend your own bottle of Cava to spruce up the competition while team building in Barcelona. The southern wine producing region of Jerez will treat you to a truly unique experience as it is here that you can visit some of the best sherry producers of the country and taste this delicious, carefully crafted fortified wine. We can also plan a city excursion with exclusive tours of the local food markets, where you get to taste the best of Spain’s produce including the likes of Iberico ham and their celebrated “liquid gold”, olive oil. Other options include relaxing picnic lunches in the heart of stunning vineyards and bike tours along the famous wine routes of the region. All of these and more are possible if you plan your next corporate tour in the wine regions of Spain.

We understand the stress and need for attention to detail that goes into planning a perfect incentive or corporate retreat for your employees and colleagues. Our local travel experts in all the major wine regions of Spain are here to help you organize that perfect corporate experience. The good news? You don’t have to be involved in the hassle of personally arranging the activities: they will do it for you. All you need to do is contact our local travel expert in the wine region of Spain that interests you, and let them customize a memorable wine tour incentive trip or team building retreat to your preferences.

Start planning a luxurious corporate tour to unwind at the Miramar Palace, marveling at the beautiful views over the famous La Concha beach in San Sebastian, or embark on an adventure with your colleagues: from hiking to nautical activities off the coast, there is something for everyone. With Wine Paths, you can rest assured that yours will be a truly successful corporate retreat.


  • Visits to famous wineries and tastings and tours
  • Discovering local delicacies with food and wine pairing sessions
  • Art and culture tours with visits to famous museums
  • Hiking and nautical activities for the adventure-lovers
  • Create your own Cava or wine blending workshops
  • Gourmet meals and galas designed specially for your team

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