Become a chef for the day!

Exclusive cooking workshop in Catalunya, Spain

Experience unique flavors and local ingredients to learn how to prepare a variety of traditional and creative tapas

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Half a day

Cooking, playing and having fun all together? This is possible in our Tapas Workshop Experience. We offer you the chance to experiment with gastronomy and become a chef for the day, learning from a master chef and designing and creating your own original snacks.

Spain is known world-wide for its spectacular cuisine, gastronomic delights and a hoard of well-recognized restaurants. A integral part of the Spanish cuisine is the common snack-food called tapas. These tapas are primarily bar snacks and were originally created to occupy beer and wine drinkers with something to nibble on while they enjoyed their glass. But today these tapas have transformed into a gourmet delight. They come cold or hot, vegetarian or meat-based and with singular ingredients or complex methods of preparations mastered by Michelin chefs. 

In this exclusive workshop you will be getting a hands-on experience in creating some delightful tapas recipes curated duly by the ace chefs from some fine establishments of Barcelona. Barcelona being a bustling city with an incredible night-life boasts of having some of the best bars and restaurants in the entire country. This makes it a perfect destination for you to delve into the secrets of making delectable and authentic tapas, coveted by the tourists.

Learn hands-on, while preparing a variety of traditional and creative tapas using only the finest ingredients found in the local markets. Discover the unique flavors and ingredients of the Mediterranean cuisine like fresh olives, delicious sea-food, salted cheese, vibrant vegetables etc through the elaboration of different combinations of tapas.

Finish off this gourmet experience pairing your tapas with organic wines and cava.


  • Source the finest Mediterranean cuisine ingredients to prepare your tapas
  • Learn to prepare various traditional and creative tapas
  • Unveil the secrets of the dishes from a masterchef himself
  • Pair your creation with various organic wines as well as cava

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