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Exclusive wine and food experience in Catalunya, Spain

Excellent combination of two "delicatessen" products

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Spain is known all over the world for its fine cuisine. Of this well known cuisine an integral part is the ham produced in this country. The most popular Jamon in the country is the Iberian ham. The ham itself is steeped in history and tradition. Much like the prestigious wines of the region, Iberico ham is a very protected product. In this sense, every ingredient added in the production of this ham is controlled closely. At the same time, the careful process of producing this masterpiece of a product is scrutinized as well. It is for this reason that the ham is given a protected denomination of origin. The ancient oak pastures of Spain, the noble black Ibérico pig, the mountain air which caresses each ham as it magically is transformed into one of the world's most exquisite foods - all play a part in this uniquely Spanish phenomenon.

Iberico ham is a gourmet product so it makes sense to enjoy it with wines that complement its flavors. Experts have special recommendations for how to pair this essential product of Spanish gastronomy in order to find the perfect match.

When it comes to Iberico ham, Spain’s deeply rooted wine making culture provides us with the natural choices and your best bet is to let the restaurant’s sommelier advise you on which wines are best suited for each type of ham, they will be more than happy to help you.

This is an experience that will steal the hearts and palates of every foodie:

  • Four different Iberico hams
  • Four wines from different DO’s

Each pair carefully chosen to complement each other. You will then proceed to finish your winery tour by treating your senses to this amazing gastronomic affair.


  • Discover the painstaking process behind creating the impressive Iberico ham
  • Pair different grades of the ham with specially curated wines 
  • Treat yourself to an exclusive gastronomic affair

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