The best Campbeltown whisky distilleries

The finest distilleries in Campbeltown are ready to be explored on an exclusive whisky tasting adventure in the beautiful mainland of Scotland

Located a short distance from the west coast of Arran Island, this southern city of Kintyre Peninsula famous for its seascapes and sunsets was once a major center of production for single malt. In the 1830s during the industrial revolution this region was a land of welcome for many Campbeltown distilleries. They took advantage of the abundance of barley and charcoal which was then used as fuel. Despite the disappearance of most Campbeltown whisky distilleries the reputation of malt complex with strong personality remains very attached to this region.

While the production of whiskey is supposed to date back to the fifteenth century Campbeltown distilleries, the success of this amber nectar dates only from the beginning of the 19th century. When the economic context and new distilling methods made it possible to commercially develop whiskey production.

During the fascinating golden age, Campbeltown whisky distilleries became the nerve center for famous producers, such as Johnnie Walker, who came to the area to assemble his whiskeys. At that time, South West Scotland had more distilleries than Speyside, but most of them are now forgotten.

The Campbeltown distilleries did their best to revive the whiskey industry and keep their name on the whiskey map, citing their rich tradition. As history alone was not enough, in 2004 the region managed to reopen an old distillery, now known as Glengyle Distillery (Kilkerran malt production). In so doing, the number of distilleries was now 3 - the same number of distilleries as in the Lowlands at the same time. It was a successful ending for Campbeltown: the region was able to stay on the whiskey map and preserve its history.

Campbeltown distillery tours will take you on this rollercoaster journey through the history pf producing some of the finest whiskies in Scotland. You will visit the famous distilleries and discover the production process as well as enjoy a guided whiskey tasting session. You will be able to learn to appreciate and understand the various aromatic and flavour notes in the whisky of Campbeltown distilleries which make it so unique to this region.

To best explore the Campbeltown whisky distilleries contact our local travel expert in the country and plan yourself a tailor-made whisky holiday in this iconic Scottish region.

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