Enlarge your own bouquet of scents.

Exclusive experiences at La Cavale in Provence, France

An introduction to senses where the focus is placed on the olfactory, together with the gustatory. Smell, imagine, blend and create a new world which will enable you to enlarge your own bouquet of scents.

Visits & Tastings
From 1 to 3 hours

Deepen your knowledge of the olfactory sense. This workshop will bring to light some theorical aspects, such as “how does our olfactive system work?”, “How is our olfactory sense useful in our everyday life?” Tatiana will introduce you to the main olfactive families and will help you to identify the different scents within these families. From fruit to wood, through flowers, herbs, animal and food none of them will have secrets for you anymore. Since you have come to our winery, it is natural for us to introduce you to the different aromas inherent to wine: what are the differences between primary, secondary and tertiary aromas?

This will lead you to the next step: where do these scents in your glass come from? At dinner or during a wine tasting as you were sniffing your glass, you may have wondered “But where does this moss smell come from?” or “Have they added something to their wines? Is it just normal I smell and taste peach in my glass of wine?”

Practice is the key to a better understanding, hence you will be able to use our olfactive bar. Use the pipettes inside the 36 blind tubes and try to identify which aromas are hidden inside. No doubt, you will love this very original piece of furniture.

It may have occurred to you: sometimes there are wines that are presenting scents that could be linked to an imperfection. Where does the problem come from? How can you recognize a wine's olfactive flaw? Can you, or the winegrower, do something about it?

Now that you have a better understanding of the matter, you will be able to create your own bundle of scents. This will be fun! Finally, taste our wines and apply the guidelines you received from Tatiana.

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