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stéphane tillement

STEPHANE TILLEMENT, President & Founder

A serial tourism entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the luxury travel industry. He is the owner of Mauriac Voyages, one of the five best luxury travel agencies in France with a strong customer base in the French wine industry. Stéphane is also the founder and shareholder of the Wine Tour in France network. Contact Stéphane.


michel rolland

MICHEL ROLLAND, International Winemaker

World-renowned international winemaker with over forty years of experience. He has worked with more than 250 wine estates around the globe in countries like France, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Argentina, Chile and the US. Michel was born in the mythic wine region of Pomerol in France, and he currently owns several wine-making properties around the world. On Wine Paths you can find his selection of preferred wineries.



CHRISTOPHE POUPINEL, Board Member & Digital Marketing Advisor

Born in Reims, raised in a Champagne-making family, Christophe is a long time wine enthusiast. He has created and led various digital companies, including, one of the top 50 websites in France with more than 10 million unique visitors per month. Member of ISAI (a French Tech Entrepreneurs’ investment fund that finances high potential digital companies), Christophe dedicates part of his time to investing in start-ups to help them break through and accelerate their growth.





FIONA MORRISON, Master of Wine

Fiona has spent over 30 years in the wine business on both sides of the Atlantic. Today, she commutes between Belgium, where she runs the Thienpont family wine business, and Bordeaux, where she helps her husband, Jacques Thienpont run their two estates, Le Pin in Pomerol and L’If in Saint Emilion. In 1994, she celebrated becoming a Master of Wine with a trip to South Africa and since then, when not busy with the wine business or her family, she visits wine producers around the world and writes about wine.





Jean Pierre Giraud

JEAN PIERRE GIRAUD, Global Brand Ambassador

Former Commercial Director and Deputy General Manager of Chêne & Cie, Jean Pierre has 40+ years of experience in the wine & spirits business. Throughout his career, he has visited on a yearly basis most of the wine-making countries in the world, which has lead him to develop excellent relationships with some of the best winemakers of the planet. Today, he is a Member of the Collège Culinaire de France and in the past, he has been a Member of the Grand Jury Européen.


ALAIN HOMBREUX, Brand Ambassador Argentina & Uruguay 

A former country manager of BNP PARIBAS, he has lived in Argentina since 1984, where he converted to wine-growing and participated in the development of the Fabre-Montmayou bodega, one of the country's precursors of age-worthy wine (early 1990s). Alain has also contributed to the promotion of Argentinian wine in the UK with Global Wines Solution SA. Today, he produces quality grapes in collaboration with top bodegas making high-level wines by better adapting each variety to the best possible terroir


THOMAS MAUSS, Brand Ambassador Germany

Thomas has been working in the wine industry for more than 15 years; he is the current General Manager of the Villa d’Este Wine Symposium. He lived in Germany for several years, which allowed him to visit most of the well-known wineries in the country, and enabled him to develop privileged relationships with many masters of Riesling. Now back in France, where he imports and promotes German wines, he still continues to visit Germany's wine growing regions every semester.  





madeleine marchand

MADELEINE MARCHAND, Vice President France & DMC Strategy

A 15-year career in consulting and public relations in the Wine and Spirits industry prior to her 20 years of experience in managing a French DMC specialized in personalized high-end travel, and praised by major operators all over the world. Madeleine is an enthusiastic globetrotter, continuously on the lookout for the latest trends, placing her unlimited network of privileged contacts at guests' disposal in order to push limits often considered insurmountable. Contact Madeleine.



ADELINE AKERMANN, Vice President International Partnerships

15 years of experience in leading business development positions, mainly in the wine and gastronomy tourism industry. Passionate about wine, dine and travels, Adeline loves finding original places for memorable stays. Having both a marketing and hospitality background, she helps members highlight their singularity and differentiating features so visitors can enjoy unforgettable experiences. Contact Adeline.


barbara pintos

BARBARA PINTOS, Editor-in-Chief & Press Relations Manager

An experienced communications professional, translator and sommelier. A globe-trotter by nature, Barbara was born in Argentina but has spent a third of her life abroad, writing about her trips, photographing unique landscapes and sipping wine around the world. She has lived in Argentina, Spain, England, the United States, New Zealand, Belgium and France. She loves languages, maps and exploring wine regions.


  NATHALIE BEZ, Commercial Manager

A customer relations professional and experienced player on the region’s wine scene. A passion for everything wine has led Nathalie to gain hands-on knowledge of both winemaking and wine tourism. A healthy restlessness encourages her to travel in search of the best-kept secrets of the wine world. Thanks to her business and people skills, she is able to fully support and energize our member community.             





WENDY NARBY, International Wine Tours Expert  

As a leading Bordeaux wine educator, guide and writer Wendy has been sharing her passion for the region at home and abroad for over 25 years. Her background in food and wine marketing and her expertise in wine tourism has taken her around the world of wine, giving her an international address book she is happy to open for her clients.





BEE BORDEAUX, European PR Agency

BEE was born from the ambition to share passion, expertise and knowledge of the Bordeaux wine scene to promote this culture and this unique art of living, which the whole world envies. BEE applies their professional expertise and their personal passion to elevate our profile with custom-designed campaigns to display our unique concepts and ideas in their best light through luxury, bespoke wine experiences.



Balzac is the largest marketing communications firm in the wine industry. Over the past 25 years, it has earned a reputation for working with top quality clients, providing cost-effective solutions, and developing long-term relationships with key influencers across the spectrum. These relationships, and the credibility and effectiveness upon which they are based, make Balzac particularly well suited to manage a campaign aimed at these target audiences.



R&R Teamwork is a small London-based drinks and food PR agency which has been promoting wineries and wine regions in the UK for over 20 years. We love visiting the wine regions of the world and currently work with wine clients all around the globe to develop creative campaigns to support their products and services and make sure everyone knows about them!

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