Puerto Rico rum tours: unforgettable island holidays

Discover the complex and charismatic flavors Caribbean rum on a journey to Puerto Rico; home to beautiful beaches, spectacular cities and incredible food and drink to delight the palate. Come on a rum tour with Wine Paths and meet the Master Blenders as they share their craft with connoisseurs and beginners alike.

Join Wine Paths on a luxury rum tour of Puerto Rico and taste the world’s oldest commercially produced spirit. Often referred to as the “noble spirit”, rum has many connections to the sea. It has been linked to pirates and Navy sailors, and the first rum cocktail ever made – the Rum Sour – was served in a conch shell at the beach.

Its island origins make it a drink that many consider to be exotic and tropical. But the dark and mysterious flavors of rum can take many forms. Enjoyed around the world and available in almost every country, it certainly doesn’t lack in availability. But finding top notch, sip-worthy, refined rum is another story. Our luxury rum tasting holidays journey you to some of the most beautiful areas of Puerto Rico, filled with history, culture and gastronomy as we go in search of world-class rum varietals.

Tantalize your taste buds with the extensive and diverse range of rums available. Find your rhythm in the heat of Puerto Rico and discover your favorite rum variety with the help of Master Blenders and rum tasting experts.

Why go rum tasting in Puerto Rico?

Rum can be made in any location where sugarcane is cultivated or imported. Most rum production takes place in the Caribbean and Latin America – and Puerto Rico is responsible for making over 80% of all the rum that is consumed in the USA alone.

Puerto Rico is also home to five of the pillar brands of the industry; Barcardi, Don Q, Palo Viejo, Ron del Barrilito, and Ron Llave. The Bacardi label is the most prolific and is sold in 175 countries worldwide. But even devoted Barcardi drinkers are often unaware of the whole story of how this rum came about, and what stringent production processes are used to craft the different rum products.

With the help and assistance of rum experts, you will learn about the characteristics that make Puerto Rican rum so special. You will also get to experience the unique flavors of rum varietals, including light rum or silver rum, amber run, spiced rum and dark rum. The art of rum making is a complex one, and we’ll help you unravel the mysteries of this unique spirit in the rum capital.

Places to visit in Puerto Rico

Barcardi, the world’s most popular rum brand, has a distillery located across the bay from Old San Juan. The distillery is a popular attraction, with tours available seven days a week. The area of San Juan is also a fantastic place for visiting bars and trying out the different rum cocktails on offer. Travelers also choose this location for its many restaurants where they can sample authentic Puerto Rican cuisine.

While Bacardi is the most famous label, Don Q is also a favourite amongst locals in Puerto Rico. Manufactured by the Serrallés family in the town of Ponce, you can visit the Serrallés Castle Museum where you can learn about the history of sugarcane during a guided tour.

Other distilleries that are open to the public include Hacienda Santa Ana (the oldest distillery on the island) and PitoRico (located in the mountainous region of Jayuya and open to visitors from Tuesday through Saturday).

When to visit Puerto Rico

The best time to go to Puerto Rico is usually from mid-April to June, as this is just after the busy winter season has ended and before the rainy summer season really gets going. The wet season hits it peak in August and will last until November.

As well as high humidity, the wet season is much hotter which some may not find to be comfortable for sightseeing. However, that’s not to say that wet season should be ruled out. This can be a great time to travel if you want to miss the crowds.

From December to March, the island is dry, hot and sunny. But this is the most crowded time, with holiday makers hitting the beaches.

Join us on a luxury rum tour in Puerto Rico

Join Wine Paths on our exciting and exclusive rum tours in Puerto Rico, the world’s number one rum capital, and home to some of the most refined rum varieties. We will take you to the famous distilleries, museums and landmarks that are significant to the rum making industry.

Learn all about the history of Caribbean rum, how it was invented and developed, and how it is made today. The rum makers of Puerto Rico craft their rum to exacting industry standards. Meet the Master Blenders, flavor creators and expert rum producers that have shaped the global market with Puerto Rican spirits.

Taste authentic local cuisine, enjoy a selection of cocktails, and discover the different styles of rum that best suit your palate. Hone your nose and uncover the secrets behind light or dark rums, and delve into the depths of different spices and ingredients.

Interesting facts about Puerto Rican rum

As well as having a link to pirates at sea, rum was also the official drink of the British Navy. Rum rations were even given to sailors to fight off scurvy. That’s where the term “Navy-strength” originates from. Navy-strength rum means rum made to at least 57% ABV (114 proof). The reason for this was a safety precaution. If the rum should have leaked on board a Navy ship and caused their gunpowder to get wet, the high alcohol percentage would have kept it flammable. A lower alcohol percentage would have meant neutralization of the gunpowder, making it unusable at battle.

While Puerto Rico is known as the rum capital of the world, the spirit was actually first distilled in Barbados. It was discovered by plantation slaves who used molasses to make alcohol through fermentation.

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What is the best Puerto Rican rum to try?

Don Q is said to be the best rum in Puerto Rico according to locals, while Bacardi is the most famous and is recognized around the world. That’s not to say that these are the labels for you. Our tasting tours will let you try a range of brands and varieties.

What are the flavor distinctions between light and dark rum?

Rum varieties can be hard to classify as the flavors can be so diverse. But generally speaking, lighter rums tend to be sweeter (although not always), amber rum is medium bodied, and dark rum is full bodied with flavoring agents such as caramel or molasses.

Can rum be used for food pairing?

Diversity is excellent within the rum category, so food pairing is easy for all tastes and palates. Many popular Puerto Rican dishes pair well with rum. Typically, light rums go well with fish, seafood and chicken while darker rums go well with meat. However, there are no hard and fast rules about how rum should be paired. 

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