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Embark on an incredible Whisky tour in Scotland and uncover some of the hidden gems in this gorgeous country! Much like the famous wine regions of the world, the whisky producing regions of Scotland are governed by strong traditions and customs which help produce this delicious and world-famous spirit. In fact, there are also several rules that that govern the way Scottish whisky is produced and labelled. The term ‘Scotch’, much like Champagne can be used for labeling purposes, only if the whisky has been made and aged in a certain manner.

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Scottish whiskys are made in different regions, each giving the final result its distinctive mark.

A Scotland whisky tour will take you to the four main Whisky Regions of Scotland, which are Campbeltown, Islay, Lowlands and the Highlands. Speyside and the Islands are generally accepted as sub-divisions of the Highlands region. Each of these individual regional groups do to some extent produce many whiskies which are similar in their broad basic flavours, although there are certainly a few exceptions.

An incredible Scotch tour: Scotland

A Scotland whisky tour will help you get acquainted with these age-old traditions and rich heritage that forms a large part of Scottish culture. True Scotch Whisky reflects the land of it's birthplace, and the people who created it, in many ways. It is traditionally made from barley and pure, clear water - both of which are in plentiful supply in Scotland.  A whisky tour of Scotland will help you unravel the true characteristics of this spirit which are reflective of the history of the country. The fiery and strong alcohol, has a very smoky and fruity, almost a sweet smell. The softness of this spirit on your palate is almost a welcome surprise as the caramel flavors of the whisky drown the alcohol strength.

The Scotland whisky tour will take you through the different regions of the country which are known to host the best distilleries. Here, you can take exclusive guided tours of the cellars and the distillation chambers. Speak with the whisky producers to learn interesting details about the region and the spirit. You can also take part in some guided whisky tasting and food and whisky pairing sessions.

So, if booking a Scottish whisky tour is on your agenda, all you need to do is get in touch with our local travel expert from the region. All the whisky tours in Scotland can be entirely tailor-made to your preferences. Without any further ado, book yourself an exclusive Scotland whisky tour and experience the best of the whisky world.

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