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Explore the world-famous wine region in Spain on your next wine tour in Priorat and discover what makes it a truly unique place Priorat is a wine region located in Catalunya not too far away from the city of Barcelona. It is known to produce some very high quality deep and robust red wines. The wines from this region have risen to sudden popularity in the last couple of decades. Though the popularity of these wines is fairly new, the vineyards of this region have been planted centuries ago by the Roman settlers

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The wine region of Priorat is a very unique wine producing region in Spain. A few elements that contribute to its uniqueness include the usage of a very surprising varietal for producing its fine wines. The region of Priorat widely uses the grape variety of Grenache or locally known as Garnacha for producing some very interesting wines. Only a few other regions around the world use this grape to produce single varietal wines. Also, Priorat is the only other region along with La Rioja to have the highest level of classification status DOCa for its appellation. 

The terroir of Priorat is what makes its wines few of the most impressive and expensive ones from Spain. The region is known for having very low-yielding vineyards thanks to its continental climate and a soil very poor in nutrients. This soil is very typical to this region and is licorella. It is known to drain water very well but contains such a low quantity of nutrients that the vine's roots are required to grow deeper than usual wines to get the necessary nutrition. this makes the vines stronger and the even though the amount of berries on the vines isn't very high, they are packed full of flavour and nutrients and hence make some very rich and delicious wines.

On a wine tour in Priorat you can embark on a wine adventure in some of the beautiful vineyards of the region. You may opt for a guided tour of the vineyards and wine cellars and get acquainted with the interesting process of making some of Spain's finest and costliest wines. At the end of your visit you can indulge yourself in wine pairing and food pairing session to enjoy the harmonious pairing of local wines with local delicacies like jamon and cheeses. You may also indulge in other adventurous or leisure wine tours in Priorat like gourmet lunches and walking tours or cycling tours.

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