Rhône wine tours: an epicurean’s dream

Discover one of the most famous wine regions in France and get tips to plan your trip. Find all the information you need about French wine and enjoy! Rhône wine tours begin with a premise to set the pace: the Rhône Valley is the capital of French gastronomy and the birthplace of Côtes du Rhône Grands Crus and Beaujolais wines. With such an introduction, expectations for a memorable epicurean experience are high and yes, the Rhône Valley and the city of Lyon deliver on their promise.

Tours Suggestion in Rhône Valley

Rhône Valley wine tours include tastings of the local wines and cuisine staples and will make for an unforgettable experience in the French wine country, but that is not all you can expect to do when visiting the region. Imagine yourself learning about the centuries-old silk trade traditions of Lyon by exploring its traboules (typical passageways built in the 4th century, originally used by silk manufacturers to transport their products) or enjoying a relaxing boat ride down the Rhône river to discover the city and the vineyards from a different perspective. An original and quite exclusive Rhône wine tour will take you underground, to an old railway tunnel where 80 tons of cheese is aged up to 2 years. Finish your visit off with a tasting of cheese and wines and come back up to the surface to discover one of the many mythical bouchons lyonnaises in the city (traditional restaurants that serve local cuisine such as sausages, duck pâté or roast pork).

Exclusive Rhône Valley wine tours: discover the birthplace of Chateauneuf du Pape

Chateauneuf du Pape is arguably one of the most acclaimed wines in the region. There are dedicated Rhône Valley wine tours to learn about this appellation (AOC in French), explore its famous vineyards and of course, taste some of its most renowned wines. Made of a blend of up to 13 grapes, Chateauneuf du Pape (“the Pope’s New Castle”) is known the world over and it is France’s first AOC to have been recognized, in 1936.


Rhône wine tours in November: celebrate Beaujolais Nouveau!

If you would like to be immersed into the wine traditions of the region, there is no better way than taking part in one of the popular November Rhône wine tours to celebrate the Beaujolais Nouveau wine day right where the main festivities take place. Each year, on the third Thursday of November, 28 million bottles of young Beaujolais Nouveau (literally “new Beaujolais”) hit the shelves all over the world and plenty of gourmet feasts and celebrations are organized in Beaujolais, north of Lyon. If you are in the area around this time of the year, join in for some unforgettable memories of this 100% Gamay fruity red.

Steep hillsides covered in terraced vineyards, rich cultural heritage and some of the most acclaimed wines in the world: come experience everything the region has to offer on one of the many bespoke Rhône Valley wine tours a local travel expert can help you plan and tailor-make to your preferences. You can also book winery visits, accommodation, Michelin-starred or gourmet restaurants and bars directly on winepaths.com

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