Hidden gems throughout Lyon & the Rhône Valley

Exclusive luxury itinerary in Rhône Valley, France

Walk through-out mythical terroirs to sun-drenched landscapes, the Rhône Valley benefits from the extraordinary climate, soil, and wine. The vines have been cultivated since antiquity, still today they are among the oldest vineyards in France.

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Multiple days

Fully customizable 2-Day Roaming in the Rhône

This is only an example of a multiple-day wine experience in Rhône-Valley, France. Our wine tours are entirely tailor-made to suit visitors' preferences, they can be shorter or longer depending on your needs. Please contact us to design your own bespoke wine tour.

From Lyon to the Camargue, passing through Provence and the Luberon, the vineyards of the Rhône Valley are divided into two main wine-producing regions: in the north, the northern vineyards cling to steep hillsides in steep relief; in the south, the southern vineyards take advantage of the plateaus and hills with gentle slopes. You can choose a region, or area – with wine and food, Roman ruins, vineyard hikes or biking.

“Between fields of lavender and olive trees, the winegrowers share with you unique moments”

Day 1: Explore Lyon

Start your itinerary in Lyon, the capital of the French Gastronomy and one of the biggest cities in France. Stay at a five-star hotel to discover the city. Lyon has enticed visitors since the Romans named it Lugdunum in 43 BC, thanks to its strategic location at the junction of the Rhône and the Saône Rivers. It is France's third-largest city and a commercial, industrial, and banking powerhouse for the last 500 years. Don't leave Lyon without trying some local delicacies at a "Bouchon", the classic Lyon experience.

Day 2: Down the Rhône Valley

For that second day make your way down though-out the Valley and taste the most delicious wines. Stop at M.Chapoutier, for 200 years, the winery has been creating the very finest of wines of the Rhône Valley. Located in Tain l'Hermitage, it has the soul and the gentle charm of a small French country town, which is the perfect picture of the Rhône Valley.

Wine and chocolate tastings are on offer at all the major houses, as Tain is also the home of Valrhona chocolate (‘Val’ as in valley, ‘rhona’ as in Rhône), which was founded in 1922. The globally celebrated brand is France’s number-one premium chocolate and is the one used by most French pastry chefs and chocolatiers. A chocolate lover’s dream, the Cité du Chocolat excels in interactive activities for adults and kids to discover what chocolate is all.

End the day by discovering Anne-Sophie Pic’s who has the status of the daughter of the Rhône, the only woman in France to hold three Michelin stars and the head of an ever-growing culinary empire. Her gastronomic restaurant, luxury hotel and suave gourmet bistro reside together on an unalluring street in central Valence. This is the restaurant’s historic address; it was opened here by her grandfather in 1936, when the street was on the old "Route N7", so holidaymakers could easily stop in on their way south. A short way down the street you’ll find Pic’s gourmet épicerie and cooking school, Scook, which offers sophisticated wine and food tastings and classes for all cooking levels.


  • Luxury accommodation in Lyon
  • Taste the most Incredibles plates designed by the best chefs of France
  • Enjoy a perfect wine tasting in the heart of the vines at M.Chapoutier
  • Sightseeing over the whole of Rhône Valley
  • Advance booking necessary

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