Irish Distillery Tours: An immersive experience

Some of the finest whiskey in the world comes from Ireland. Embark on exclusive distillery tours in Ireland to unravel secrets of making Irish whiskey. In Ireland, although the concept of whiskey regions does not exist, Irish whiskey is always distinguished from other whiskeys by its inimitable style of sweetness and fruity.

Tours Suggestion in Ireland

In accordance with the practices of the Scottish distilleries, the art of triple distillation is reserved for Irish distilleries like Bushmills Teeling and Midleton. During your distillery tours in Ireland, you can see yourself unravelling the production processes of these distilleries and understand their effect on the flavour and texture of the whiskey.

Our Irish distillery tours will take you backstage where the magic actually takes place. The distilleries follow strict practices while distilling their alcohol. In reality, only the bottoms of distillation, which tend to be heavier and oilier, are distilled three times successively, first in the wash still, then low wine (or feint) still and finally in the spirit still. The low wines which are the strongest in alcohol, obtained after the first distillation, are stored before being introduced in the third still. During the second distillation, the tails, weak feints, are discarded for inclusion in the next distillation.

The brand-new spirit produced in the end, the future whiskey, contains about 85% alcohol by volume. Being rich in distillation heads, it is particularly fruity.

Distillery tours Ireland offers will invite you for exclusive, guided, whiskey tasting sessions, where you will discover and learn the art of whiskey appreciation. The Irish distillery tours are located in some of the finest distilleries in Ireland, giving you a chance to taste and explore the best whiskey and whiskey producers in the country, as well as the world. Along with this amber spirit, you will also get to explore the surrounding regions of the distilleries. On these exquisite Irish distillery tours, you will have the opportunity to take in stunning panoramas of the Irish country-side, discover popular Irish pubs, devour traditional Irish cuisine- which pairs perfectly with the whiskies of the region and experience the best of Irish culture and hospitality.

What’s more? Our distillery tours in Ireland can be entirely tailor-made to your preferences and needs. Visit the regions and distilleries you want, stay and dine in the hotels and restaurants that satisfy your holiday cravings. All you need to do is contact our local travel expert in Ireland to book yourself an exclusive whiskey vacation in this beautiful northern country.

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