The sparkling region of Italy

The wine region of Lombardy offers some incredible wine tours that will help you discover the true essence of Northern Italy. Lombardy is a famous Italian wine region located in the north-west part of the country. The capital of this region, the city of Milan, is just as iconic as the wines produced in this region. The region of Lombardy is one of the most populated and wealthy regions of the country. This has resulted in an increased interest in tourism in the region and wine tours in Lombardy are extremely sought-after. 

Tours Suggestion in Lombardy

Lombardy is entirely landlocked, bordered by Piedmont to the west, Emilia-Romagna to the south and Veneto to the west. To the north are the Central Alps along the Swiss border. The region is however blessed by the cooling effect of the numerous lakes in the region namely, lakes Como, Iseo, Maggiore and Garda which dominate its northern half. These ensure wine tours in Lombardy that provide you with stunning vistas of the sparkling lakes.

The wine tours in Lombardy can take you on a wine tasting adventure through the gorgeous vineyards of Franciacorta, which produces some celebrated sparkling wines. These wines are made in the style of its famous French cousin, Champagne. The other wines popularly produced in Lombardy are the Valtellina or red wines of the region made from the iconic Nebbiolo grape variety. These wine tours in Lombardy can see you undertake guided wine tasting and food pairing sessions in some of the finest vineyards of the country. Some wine tours can also help you explore the gorgeous surroundings of the lakes while sipping on your glass of delicious sparkling wine. The wine tours in Lombardy that we offer could also see you devouring the gastronomical delights if the region. Enjoy gourmet meals in the vineyards or go on excursions to explore the best of local produce.

All our wine tours in Lombardy can be entirely tailor-made based on your demands and expectations. Just contact our local travel expert in the region and plan yourself an adventure of a lifetime!

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