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Come take a look at some of the finest properties in Lombardy to unwind and relax on your next wine holiday in this region.

Lombardy is a famous Italian wine region located in the north-west part of the country. The capital of this region, the city of Milan, is just as iconic as the wines produced in this region. The region of Lombardy is one of the most populated and wealthy regions of the country. This has resulted in an increased interest in tourism and especially luxury and leisure tourism.

The unique geographical conditions of the region make it ideal for your next summer holiday in Italy. With the Central Alps bordering it on the north and several other famous wine regions of Italy surrounding it otherwise, the cooling effect of the numerous sparkling lakes of the regions brings is much welcome. These sparkling lakes namely, lakes Como, Iseo, Maggiore and Garda which dominate its northern half make for an incredible location with stunning vistas and delicious wines for you to enjoy.

The best hotels in Lombardy offer views of these lakes, vineyards and the alps which will leave you swooning! From panoramic windows and rooms equipped with world-class facilities, spas and pools with a view to die to fine-dining restaurants and exquisite wine lists, the hotels in Lombardy have everything you will need to truly enjoy the best of this wine region. The hotels in Lombardy will make sure you unwind and relax to your fullest while sipping on a glass of delicious Franciacorta or wiping off a generous plate of Risotto alla milanese.

From grand luxury hotels to small, unique, boutique resorts we can arrange a completely customized stay for you in this gorgeous wine region. Just contact our local travel expert and book yourself a wine holiday fit for royalty in the beautiful wine region of Lombardy.

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