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The beautiful landscapes of Medoc are home to some of the most prestigious wines in the Bordeaux region. Discover the wine region on an exclusive wine tour in Medoc.

Tours Suggestion in Medoc

Medoc is situated on the left bank of Bordeaux and is home to some of the finest wines produced in the world. The wines of Medoc have gained a world-wide reputation for being complex, structured and cellar-worthy bottles. These wines are produced thanks to the unique terroir of the region.

over centuries the rivers of Garonne and Dordogne have deposited mineral-rich silt and gravel in this region. These have settled to form the Medoc peninsula, a region with well-draining, light reflective soil which allows bountiful production of slow ripening red grape varieties. This explains the popular use of Cabernet Sauvignon in producing Medoc wines. These are blended with other varieties like Petit Verdot. At the same time the gravel in the soil promotes the growth of earlier-ripening grapes like Merlot and Cabernet Franc

The region is known for its low-lying topography where once the Dutch settlers developed the art of viticulture. These settlers used the geographical conditions to their advantage and hence, today, Medoc produces more fine wine per hectare than any other wine region in the world. The wine tours in Medoc will see you exploring this historic region of Bordeaux. Visit the best chateaux in the region, take part in exclusive tastings, wine pairing sessions, gastronomical activities and much more. Our wine tours in Medoc can be completely tailor-made to your preferences and needs.

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