Gin tours in England: tasting experiences to inspire your senses

Join us on a magical gin tasting tour in England and visit some of the finest distilleries in the world. Delve into the creative industry of gin making and unravel the secrets of this very British craft. Our luxury gin tours will take you on a journey of discovery, giving you a chance to experience one of the UK’s biggest drink trends. There has never been a more popular time to go gin tasting, and the distillery boom shows no sign of slowing down in Britain. Every three out of four bottles of gin sold internationally comes from the UK. With a huge demand for British gin all over the world

Tours Suggestion in England

Join Wine Paths on a gin tasting holiday and get exclusive access to some of the best distilleries, including historically significant distilleries and craft distilleries. Meet industry leaders, get tasting advice, and train your nose to distinguish between flavours and styles. You’ll also get to discover the fascinating world of craft gins and artisan gins that are challenging the classics and attracting a new type of drinker. Plus, we’ll take you to the best places to enjoy an extensive gin cocktail menu, one of the biggest alcohol crazes to take over the country.

We take an insightful approach to our tours, so you can gain knowledge of gin making and understand its rich and captivating history in Europe. Together with culture and sightseeing, fine dining and gastronomy, your holiday will be an unforgettable one.

Why go gin tasting in the England ?

The England is one of the best places to go gin tasting as it holds a special relationship with gin and has a history dating back to the 17th Century. At the start of the century, the Dutch began producing ‘genever’, a medicinal version of gin, with hundreds of distilleries opening up in Amsterdam alone.

Back then, the Dutch believed it could cure multiple ailments of the body, but the alcohol probably played a big part in acting as a painkiller. It was given to British soldiers fighting on Dutch soil during The Thirty Years’ War and later crossed the English Channel to be reinvented by the Brits. Gin rose rapidly in popularity and by the start of the 18th Century, distilleries were everywhere.

Gin continued to be a British favourite across the centuries but has more recently undergone a revival. There are more artisan gin makers located here than ever before, and they are all contributing to the amazing creativity that is happening today.

British gin producers are experimenting with new and exciting ingredients, giving unique flavour profiles for each bottle produced. Adding even more variety to an already-diverse market where there are multiple methods being used to distil gin, these new flavours are attracting new drinkers from across the globe.

None gin-drinkers are getting to know the spirit for the first time, and with no two gins ever tasting the same its means there’s something fresh for connoisseurs and beginners alike. 

Places to visit in the England

Gin is big from north to south in Great Britain; all the way from the remote Scottish Highlands where gin and whisky are produced alongside each other to the cosmopolitan capital filled with Michelin Star restaurants and high-end bars.

One of the best places to experience a classic gin tasting is London, home to the famous London Dry Gin. The term “London Dry” is a quality designation that requires the base spirit to be distilled to a completely neutral spirit of 96% ABV, and any flavours to be added through distillation (not after). Although it doesn’t have to be produced in London (today 70% of UK London Dry is made in Scotland), the capital still holds the legacy.

London is now home to an ever-expanding community of smaller, craft gin makers. There are many distilleries that are open to the public offering educational tours and tasting experiences.

When to visit the England

The England is a fantastic destination at any time of year, although many visitors enjoy coming in the summer when the weather is warm. The temperate maritime climate means that it’s generally mild, but winters rarely falling below 0°C and summer temperatures staying below 32°C in the summer.

Although summer gin tasting is hugely popular with tourists, there are some fantastic winter gins to be enjoyed. And many distilleries in London tend to stay open all year round.

Another destination for gin tasting is Plymouth, home to Plymouth Gin, which is another variety of gin. It is slightly sweeter than London Dry Gin and tends to be more gentle and subtle on the palate. With less of a focus on the sharp, bitter juniper flavour, and more of an earthy taste created by increased root ingredients.

Interesting facts about British Gin

Gin is made to 40% alcohol by volume or greater and is distilled from grain and flavoured primarily with juniper berries. These berries are what makes gin taste so unique and unlike any other spirit on the market. Tart and often quite bitter, juniper is said to give the spirit a pine-like or citrus profile.

What’s really interesting, and something you will discover on our gin tours is the variety of methods used to create gin. Different styles of gin are crafted in their own unique ways, and each producer will have their own recipes for adding flavour.

Join us on one of our exciting gin tours in the UK to learn all about the art of gin making. There are so many ways you can enjoy your gin too. As well as being a popular spirit for cocktails, there are also many fruity or herbal gins to be enjoyed, as well as cucumber-forward varieties.

Join us for a gin tour you’ll never forget

We’re passionate about gin at Wine Paths and love sharing that with our clients. If you’re looking for a gin experience that will live long in the memory then get in touch and we can help you plan a bespoke itinerary that takes in the best tastings, food pairings and distilleries. All accompanied by experts who love the product as much as you do. For some truly memorable gin experiences check out our tours below or get in touch to discuss a bespoke holiday.


Which locations in the UK are best for gin tasting?

Gin tasting is fantastic in many locations across the UK, including London, Scotland, Plymouth, the Cotswolds, and the Lake District. At Wine Paths, we offer exclusive tours around the capital, combining fine dining and culture with the best gin experiences.

Are UK distilleries open all year round?

Yes, most gin distilleries tend to open throughout the year, so gin tasting tours aren’t just restricted to the summer months.

What other tasting experiences are there in the UK?

Britain is a fantastic destination for discerning noses looking for a new challenge. The Highlands in Scotland is the best place to experience Scotch whisky without the ‘e’, and there are many craft breweries and pale ale producers across the country. The West Country is famed for its cider, while coffee roasters are on the rise too.

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