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Discover this coastal region of Italy on your next wine tour in Liguria to delve deeper into the world of Italian wines. Between the border of France and the famous wine region of Tuscany lies a quaint coastal region in the northwestern part of Italy. Known as the Italian Riviera, this thin, beautiful strip of rugged land with its Mediterranean climate and poor, stony soils is dominated by hills with sheer drops that almost fall straight into the sea. This however makes wine growing and cultivating a complicated affair. In some regions, the hills are so steep that the regions over there are almost always hand cultivated resulting in scattered vineyards.

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Despite these harsh conditions, vines have been planted in this region for more than 25 centuries. They were first grown by the Etruscans and Greeks and then cultivated by the Romans who's efforts led to the now-famous region of Cinque Terre and Portofino. The region of Liguria, however, does not produce copious amounts of wine like its neighboring wine regions. The wine production in this region is small-scale and artisanal. Although there are 100 varieties grown in this region, Liguria is generally known for its white wines made from Vermentino which have a fragrant nose reminiscent of the Ligurian landscape's pine-wood and sea-salt aromas, as well as an underlying minerality. The famous reds come in the form of Rossese, a subtle, fruity and spicy wine, and Ormeasco, a similar variety to the Piedmontese Dolcetto

Embark on special wine tours in Liguria to discover these hidden gems of Italy. On a wine tour in Liguria, you could indulge in guided wine tasting and food pairing sessions. You could also be a part of wine cellar visits and vineyard tours that will help you understand the secrets behind making some of Italy's best kept secrets. The stunning vistas of the steep hills flocked with vineyards over-looking the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean sea can prove to be an exquisite backdrop for your gourmet meals and cooking classes hosted by the wineries. Go for city excursions to unveil the best beaches and local eateries and markets of Liguria. The wine tour possibilities in Liguria are endless as well as exciting.

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