London gin holidays: experience the UK capital by the glass

Meet the master distillers, flavor creators and industry pioneers driving the gin boom forward on a luxury gin tour in London. Discover the unique history and culture, and unravel the secrets of London gin making with Wine Paths.

Tours Suggestion in London

Head into Britain’s bustling capital city for the most exciting and diverse gin tasting experiences. With Wine Paths, you’ll get to taste a wide selection of gins. Tantalize your palate with new flavour profiles and uncover a whole new world of gin making. From classic London Dry Gin or sweeter varieties inspired by the Dutch to new botanical styles crafted by artisan producers, the diversity in London is unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Our exclusive gin tours will take you to some of the most exclusive locations and the finest distilleries in and around the capital, giving you a chance to unravel the mysteries of Britain’s favourite drink. By taking an insightful approach to our tours, we ensure that they are both fun and educational, and add a fascinating dose of history, culture and sights.

There has never been a more exciting time for gin holidays in London, England. The revival of gin in recent years has resulted in a massive distillery boom, with more craft producers than ever before. A city steeped in rich history and filled with grandeur, London wins over the hearts of many who come here. From its incredible architecture to its many Michelin star restaurants, a gin tour in London is bound to be unforgettable.

Why go gin tasting in London? 

The UK is the best place for gin tasting in Europe, and London has a great concentration of distilleries that are open to the public throughout the week. The city has a special relationship with this unique spirit made of juniper berries, which was first produced en masse in the Netherlands.

In the early 17th Century, there were hundreds of ‘genever’ distilleries in Amsterdam, and it was believed to have medicinal properties that could cure all manner of diseases. It was later brought across the English Channel after British soldiers tasted the spirit for the first time during the Thirty Years’ War. By the start of the 18th Century, English gin was formulated and distilleries were prominent across London, and later the famous London Dry gin was born.

This special gin inspired by the city can only be classified as London Dry is the base spirit is distilled to a completely neutral spirit of 96% ABV. Flavours are then added through distillation, never after, as with other gin varietals.  There is a common myth that London Dry has to be produced in London. However, it can be made anywhere in the country (with over 70% being made in Scotland). But the legacy remains in England’s capital, making it a destination with historical significance for gins.

Since being inspired by the Dutch medicine in the 17th Century, gin continued to be a staple in bars and public houses in the UK, but in recent years there has been a renaissance of new-age gins. London is now home to a growing community of expert, luxury and artisan gin makers.

Join Wine Paths on a tour for a mouthwatering mix of high gastronomy, culture and gin tasting, and explore London one glass at a time.

Places to visit in the capital

The city of London is famed for having a diverse selection of neighbourhoods, each with their own distinct personalities. Take in the colourful facades along the residential streets of Notting Hill, shop for luxury goods in Mayfair, catch a show at the West End, or enjoy rooftop drinks in Kensington.

Food and drink are a major draw for discerning travellers. There are countless fine dining establishments, Michelin star restaurants and exciting new dining concepts to experience. And when it comes to drink, gin isn’t the only beverage to try. Explore the city’s craft ale, go wine tasting, or enjoy champagne from the London Eye.   

For gin lovers, there are many distilleries located across the capital. From the city’s oldest distillery, Beefeater Distillery in Kennington, to Sipsmith in the leafy district of Chiswick or the award-winning City of London Distillery in Central London, there are many great locations to tour.

When to visit London

There’s no bad time to travel to the UK, with every season offering something different in terms of food and drink. It has a temperate maritime climate with four distinct seasons, with mild summers and winters.  The capital tends to have warmer weather than the northern regions, and can be particularly hot in the summer (although rarely above 32°C).

Gin distilleries normally stay open all year round in London, with some closing only for the Christmas period. Many people choose to travel in the summer, and this is a popular time for gin tasting. If you want to avoid the crowds but still want pleasant weather, travel in the shoulder season instead. Late spring and early autumn promise mild temperatures and fewer people.

Interesting facts about London gin making

Gin is distilled from grain and made to 40% alcohol or greater and then flavoured primarily with juniper berries through distillation. Tart and often quite bitter, juniper gives gin a very unique flavour profile, with many comparing the spirit to pine or citrus.

But every gin is totally unique, and two bottles never taste the same. The rise of artisan producers in the UK means that there are increasingly creative flavours being developed, and there are many ways to enjoy your gin.

Despite its reputation for being a summer drink, gin can be enjoyed throughout the year. In fact, London’s most popular drink in the winter of 1823 was the Hot Gin Twist. This was documented by a poem, which was published in a newspaper.

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At Wine Paths, we pride ourselves on bringing together the best cultural experiences, combined with passion and knowledge of the wines and spirits we cover. If you are a gin lover with a desire to experience something unlike anywhere else then we can help you create a bespoke itinerary that fits all your needs. For an unforgettable gin experience, explore the itineraries below or get in touch.


Is the capital the best place to try London Dry Gin?

Although the capital city has the legacy of being the first place to produce this varietal, over 70% of all London Dry production actually takes place in Scotland. It does have many distilleries, including craft distilleries, which are open to the public and there are many luxury tastings and tours available.

What are some London based gins to try?

Beefeater is the oldest gin the in the city and is known as the “real London Dry gin”. Other brands to try include Sipsmith, Bimber, City of London Gin, SW4 London Dry Gin, Beckett’s Gin, Butler’s Gin, Portobello Gin, and Half Hitch Gin.

Are London distilleries open all year round?

Most gin distilleries tend to open throughout the year, so gin tasting tours aren’t just restricted to the summer months.

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