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Pomerol is close to but very different from, Saint Emilion. By its size, its soils and its classification, or lack of, it is unique. Here, there is no written hierarchy to follow - you either know who the stars are, or you don't. After a Pomerol wine tour, you will know not only the stars but also the hidden treasures.

This small appellation on the right bank of the Dordogne River covers less than 850 ha but has almost 150 vineyards -it is a mosaic of small producers. Some are old, some new; in this very prestigious region, you will discover everything from tiny 'garage wines' to ultra-modern cellars, small farms and a few majestic properties.  The rich history of winemaking in the region dates back to the Romans and its importance grew in the middle ages as the Knights Hospitalier welcomed pilgrims here on their way to Spain.

The clay, sand and gravel soils give complexity to the Merlot-driven wines produced here. There is a particular type of blue clay at the heart of the plateau of Pomerol, which together with a hard iron pan in the subsoil leads to powerful and concentrated expressions of Merlot. This iron element gives the characteristic truffle aromas associated with these wines as they age.

Some visitors disregard Merlot, wanting to concentrate instead on the Cabernet-driven wines of the left bank. Big mistake. Pomerol may be small but it is beautiful: a high plateau running down towards the wooded Barbanne stream to the north, and to the outskirts of the port town of Libourne to the west. With some of the most famous (and expensive) names of Bordeaux such as Petrus, Le Pin and Clinet, discovering Pomerol will change your vision of Merlot, and Bordeaux. You will be blown away by the power and elegance of these wines.

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