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Exclusive Luxury Experiences in Provence, France

Philip started his carrer in France in 1987 in Burgundy where he lived and worked until 2004 when he moved to Provence where he has been ever based since. With over 30 years of experience in the luxury tourism industry in France, Philip's network is the key to open doors for your next wine adventure

Drawing on over 30 years in the luxury tourism industry in France, Philip has a deep understanding of the world of the discerning international traveler. His experience as a tour guide, hotel barge captain and director and commercial hot air balloon pilot across France provides a background shared by few. Continually in search of unique visits and encounters, Philip spends his time scouring through the region for new experiences and best-kept secrets to share with savvy travelers.

Philip is a regular keynote speaker on conferences addressing professionals on luxury tourism, marketing and specific global markets. He is recognised as one of the worlds leading travel designers for France by some of the most prestigious travel experts in the USA.

Provence has world acclaim for its wines from rich reds from the Rhone Valley of which Chateauneuf du Pape, Tavel, Gigondas are the names known to most, but where we have many secret addresses to share with our travellers who join us on one of our custom made wine tours. In the vast Cote de Provence appellation we have unearthed some veritable gems that will in time undoubtedly become the stars of this little known wine world.

The lessser known Haut Var region is where the Coteaux Varois appellation is situated. This is potentially one of the most exciting wine regions in Provence and thanks to some serious investment and great respect for the wisdom of the elders (often brushed aside by the new generation), the true potential of this region is being revealed. Stunning Chateaux, ultramodern wineries, the first Organic village in France and an inventivity that is refreshing and exciting. Aside from the wines produced here, the surrounding countryside is also well worth taking the time to discover with beautiful villages, outstanding monuments, eccentric craftsmen, even more eccentric chateau owners and great restaurants.

If you wish to stay by the sea you can enjoy the dry crisp white wines of Cassis, full bodied and yet delicate reds from Bandol stunning Rosés around St Tropez and unique and powerful reds in a category of their own on the island of St Honorat. Not only will you discover great wines, but also some of the most stunning coastlines and breathtaking scenery.

The French Riviera offers less winetasting possibilities, but the lack in numbers is fast made up for in interest and quality. The only appellation in the region that is to be found North of Nice is Bellet. Here 10 producers are present in just 47 hectares (116 acres) in what is the only urban appellation in France, even if it is on the outskirts of Nice. Endemic grape varieties, stories from the fashion world, this is a unique experience you won't forget! The other wines on the Riviera are not in any appellation, which allows for more freedom for the winemaker and is often where you find some of the rare gems that we try to keep quiet about. But for you, all will revealed!

We look forward to crating a unique wine experience for you very soon in sun drenched Provence!

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