The best Whiskey distilleries: Scotland

From the late 15th century, the art of distilling in Scotland has been perfected. Uisge beatha has evolved into Scotch Whisky - a drink made only in Scotland, but enjoyed around the world.

Scotland is divided into five whiskey producing regions: Campbeltown, Highlands, Islay, Lowlands and Speyside. The place of production of a whiskey can have an important influence on its flavors; from the source of water to the presence of peat in the area, everything is reflected in the taste.

Discover these intricacies and many other delicious secrets of the Scotch whiskey on one of our best distillery tours in Scotland. The distilleries in Scotland are spread across the 5 regions and each have their unique production method. There are many whiskey distilleries, Scotland is home to, which can offer the ideal experiences to best discover the spirit and the culture of the region.

To understand the depth and intensity of the Scottish malts, visit the distilleries in Scotland’s Speyside region. This remote area has more whisky distilleries than any of the other whisky areas of Scotland. This region with its rugged terrain and charming country-side is quite a delight to explore. The single malts of this region have a peculiar freshness and fruitiness to them which makes for a wonderfully intricate whiskey.

The majestic land of the Highlands is home to some of the most enchanting locales as well as some of the best whiskey distilleries Scotland has to offer. This region makes for a perfect getaway for whiskey and history lovers. The whiskey distilleries in Scotland’s Highlands are known for their strong flavour and intense character.

On the other hand, the Lowlands region is home to some distilleries in Scotland famous for producing subtly flavoured, sweet whiskies. This famous malt is the colour of straw and is also known as being fresh and breezy. Many detect the aroma of grass cuttings when smelling it.

Some of the best whiskey distillery tours in Scotland come from the rocky land of Islay. Much like the rugged and distinct terrain of the region, the Scotch produced here has a very strong flavour with deep undertones of caramel and wood.

The distilleries in Scotland will help you taste the best scotch whiskeys produced in the world. To book yourself a memorable whiskey experience in the heart of Scotland, you can choose from one of our select members or contact our local travel expert in the region.


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