Experience a unique a cooking class in Palermo

A cooking tour with the Duchess Nicoletta is not simply a cooking lesson, it's also a fascinating journey through Sicilian culture and a chance to discover some hidden treasures of Palermo.

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In the morning, Nicoletta will take you to a colorful local open-air market, which are very popular in Sicily, to buy fresh seasonal ingredients. This will be followed by a quick walk through the streets of Palermo, one of the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean Sea, to admire the magnificent baroque style plaza of the Quattro Canti, the luxurious exuberance of Piazza Marina Garden and the majesty of the Norman Palazzo Chiaramonte. The cooking class will be held in an extraordinary location, an 18th century palace by the sea. The Duchess Nicoletta Polo will teach you how to create a whole Sicilian menu in a spacious kitchen where the old copper pots with the shiny blue and white Sicilian tiles create a magical atmosphere.


After lunch in the elegant dining room, there will be a tour of the lush terrace and the beautifully restored palace, the last home of Prince Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, author of the world-famous novel “Il Gattopardo”.


  • Exclusive cooking lesson with Duchess Nicoletta
  • Visit the open market to buy the ingredients
  • Walk through the streets of Palermo
  • Cooking lesson at a palace by the sea
  • Learn to cook a whole Sicilian Menu
  • Enjoy a long lunch and tour the famous palace

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