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All our local experts have been selected for their expertise in creating tailor-made tour packages and vacations.

Book with an expert for access to a world of personalized travel services to create “à la carte” itineraries for the most authentic spirit and wine experiences.

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Are you planning your next escapade to a wine or spirits country? Would you love to find the perfect luxury wine tours or distillery tours for you but don’t know where to begin? At Wine Paths, we love holidays, fine food and superb wines and spirits, just like you. That is why we have traveled to the world’s most famous wine & spirits destinations to find the best experiences they have to offer.

Local Travel Experts and a Select Collection of Members

We have partnered up with the leading local travel experts in each region to bring you original, high-end tours and wine holidays that will be entirely tailor-made for you.

We have also selected each destination’s most exclusive wineries, distilleries, hotels and restaurants… and now, you can contact them directly via Wine Paths. Our exclusive selection of wine, spirits and dining experiences is here to make your holiday planning easy.

Travel the world of wine and spirits with Wine Paths

Our select collection of members is present in 15 countries and over 90 destinations including renowned spirits & wine-making regions and up-and-coming ones: from Salta in Argentina to Barossa Valley in Australia; from world-famous Bordeaux in France to Stellenbosch in South Africa and from Scotland’s Highlands to the Douro Valley in Portugal.

Whether you are planning a luxury wine holiday in Napa Valley, a wine and nature escapade to New Zealand, a Tuscan wine tasting tour in Italy, or a holiday on Ireland’s whisky route - we got you covered! Our local travel experts will design the perfect itinerary for your next vacation in the wine regions of Chile, the quaint vineyards of Uruguay or the sunny bodegas of Spain.

Combine unique activities and experiences for the perfect tailor-made trip in any of these countries and beyond.