Trace the history of Reims and the Champagne region

Uncover the secrets of the history of Champagne from the Roman Empire to the German Instrument of Surrender that ended WWII in Europe. Discover the prestigious history of the Champagne houses and the evolution of Champagne making in the region !

Art & Culture
Start date
March 01, 2017
End date
March 01, 2018

Admire the remains from the Roman Empire - a time during which Durocortorum (Reims) was a renowned marketplace and the capital of the Gallia Belgica province. Discover the royal history of Reims, a time that gave the city its fame. Indeed, 29 Kings of France were crowned here. The magnificent Cathedral Notre Dame, a true Gothic art masterpiece, is one of the most beautiful – and impressive – legacies from this period.

Heading to Verdun and discovering the battlefields of WWI will certainly be a stirring highlight of your stay. Finally, you will immerse yourself in the recent history of the region, where the surrender was signed in 1945, ending one of the darkest periods in Modern History.

Of course, as you are in the Champagne region, you will also learn the history of the wines from Champagne! The first vineyards were planted by the Romans, but it was in the 17th century that Champagne became sparkling as we know it today. Discover the history of monk Dom Perignon, who is at the orgin of the blending, and let yourself be amazed by the history of the founders of the oldest Champagne Houses: Ruinart, Moet & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, among others...


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