"Mother Nature takes care of your well-being every moment of her existence. Do not resist her: she has no other purpose." H.D. Thoreau

Le Moulin des Etangs is a place for total relaxation of the body and mind. It is the ideal place to feel good and to renew your connection to both yourself and your natural surroundings.

Wellness & Nature
Start date
March 12, 2018
End date
December 16, 2018
From 1 to 3 hours

In contrast with its technological performance, the philosophy of Le Moulin des Etangs at Domaine des Etangs is grounded in the solid and complete experience of reconnecting with yourself and with nature. It is based on a number of elements which are as vital as they are simplistic: efficient and precise movements and a rediscovered understanding of the beneficial qualities of plants, trees, flowers… all of the natural resources that can be found here at the Domaine.

It is by surrendering yourself to the tranquillity of water from our ponds, to the reassuring company of an ancient tree, by marvelling at the unexpected passage of wild animals or the changing colours of the sky, that your spirit will open itself up to new experiences and the body will prepare itself for all that it will experience in Le Moulin des Etangs.

Carried out in complete harmony with the cycle of seasons and the principal elements of water, air, fire, and earth, the treatments offered by our practitioners are directly inspired by the surrounding natural environment. At Domaine des Etangs, the spa treatments can begin from the moment that cars are abandoned and suitcases are deposited. To commence the relaxation process shortly after arrival, guests have the option to receive their first relaxation treatment in their own bedroom, in the confines of the windmill or outside, in the open air. Then, during their first visit to Le Moulin des Etangs and following an interview, practitioners will design a tailor-made protocol; choice of plants, fragrances, scented drinks, background music, lighting, materials… every element is taken into account, in order to fully awaken the senses and produce the best possible all-round spa experience.

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