Wine Tasting in Argentina!

Find yourself wine tasting in Argentina at the most famous wineries in the country on your next wine holiday in the South of America

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Argentina is the fifth largest wine producer in the world with 16 million hectoliters a year. The main production areas are around Mendoza (70%), San Juan, La Rioja, Rio Negro and Salta, vineyards located between the 25th and 40th parallel, identical to the latitudes of the Chilean vineyards. The majority of these vineyards are planted in the foothills of the Andean Cordillera between 600 and 1500 m altitude.

Argentina wine tasting tours will take you to the vineyards of the country which are very peculiar. The soils are composed of alluvial sandy sediments with gravelly and clay-limestone subsoils. In this part of the globe we find a dry continental climate with rainfall not exceeding 225 mm / year. The vineyards are irrigated by a system of drip because the level of the precipitations is insufficient for the cultivation of the vine. The Andes Cordillera protects the vineyards from the humid winds of the Pacific Ocean, so the region enjoys warm, sunny days, though the nights are cool. This thermal amplitude is particularly interesting for the expression of aromas.

Wine tasting in Argentina is a lesson in ancient wine history. The first vines were planted by the Spanish conquistadores in 1554. In the early 1980s, Nicolas Catena understood that Argentina had one of the best terroirs in the world and was the first to identify the largest terroirs of Argentina, vineyards of old vines, and to introduce modern methods of winemaking. Argentina wine tasting tours help you discover the pecularities of these winemaking techniques in the country.

A geographical approach will have you enjoy an Argentina wine tasting experience while you also learn about the impact and importance that natural factors like altitude, continental climate, nutrient-depraved soils, and the purity of water have on wines produced in the South American country. Argentina boasts the highest vineyards in the world at 3,111 meters over sea level, and thanks to its extension (it is the world’s eighth largest country), its terroir diversity is second to none. These unique features combined set Argentina aside and position it as one of the most respected wine-making countries in the New World.

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