Wine Tasting in Chile!

The best of wine tasting in Chile awaits you, as you get to choose from a long list of incredible wine adventures in this wine country

A Chile wine tasting tour will take you to the magnificent vineyards of the country. The first vitis vinifera vines were imported to Chile by the Conquistadores in the middle of the 16th century. In 1678, the Governor of Chile recommended that vine cultivation be actively encouraged to create new farms. In the eighteenth century, Chile was known for its high yields and low prices, much to the chagrin of Spanish producers. In the nineteenth century, a Frenchman, Claudio Gay persuaded the Chilean government to produce its own seedlings. Chile thus had its vinifera collection, which favored the development of the viticultural industry of this country. Wine tasting in Chile can see you go to some of these famous vineyards to help you discover the best of Chilean wines.

The restoration of democracy has revitalized this industry, which has benefited from an increase in its planting area of more than 10,000 ha between 1987 and 1993. Chile is now ranked ninth in the world for its production and exports most of its production. There are six viticultural regions in Chile: Aconcagua, Casablanca, Maipo, Rapel, Maule, Curico and Bio-Bio.

Chile is free of phylloxera and mildew. It therefore has, for these reasons, a unique ampelographic heritage, thanks in particular to Ochagavia Echazarreta who imported in 1851, with a French winemaker, plants that are today among the most famous in the world. The political situation of the country under the government of Pinochet created a slowdown in the wine industry. A Chile wine tasting experience can help you taste some of the finest wines in the country in the most incredible settings. From adventure activities to gourmet experiences our tour for wine tasting in Chile is sure to be a unique wine trip for you.


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