Try Whispering Angel Wine in its birthplace

In this article, we share some key information on Whispering Angel Wine including the best place to try it.

World-renowned as one of the finest rosés in the world, many wonder where is the best place to try Whispering Angel Wine. There are few better places to sample this exquisite French rosé than at its birthplace, the stunning Provence winery of Château d Esclans.

In this article, we share some key information on whispering angel wine including the best place to try it.

What Is Whispering Angel Rose Wine?

First thing’s first, you may be wondering “what is whispering angel wine?” It is a stunning French rosé made in Château d'Esclans in Provence. Many assume the exquisite beverage is named in honor of its distinctive pale peach hue and delicate flavors. 

However, this is not quite the case. Whispering Angel is actually named in homage to a special part of the chapel at Château E’sclans. Two cherubic angels lie above the altar in the building and appear to be whispering to each other.




Is Whispering Angel Rose Wine Sweet?

Due to its aesthetically pleasing pink hue, many assume whispering angel rosé wine is sweet. By no means a dessert wine, the refreshing beverage offers fragrant fruity aromas with distinct citrus flavors and notes of strawberry, mango and peach.

Light on the palate and crisp, this rosé is more dry than sweet. Its silky smooth tones make it a perfect option to have alongside pasta, rice, paellas or even just as an aperitif.


Where Can You Try Whispering Angel Wine?

It’s impossible not to fall in love with this delightful pink-hued beverage as soon as it touches your lips. So, it comes as no surprise why many immediately begin to wonder where the best place to try whispering angel wine is.

Of course, the best place to taste the delicious drink is at its birthplace of Château d Esclans. Experience it in all of its glory with an exclusive wine experience during which you can tour the winery before sitting down to a tasting.

Situated in the heart of the Var District which is an area famed for its production of Provence rosés. The winery once stood as a majestic castle. While it is still very beautiful, the only remains of the palace are the enchanting cellars. 

The magnificent property overlooks the Esclans Valley and boasts grounds stretching over 267 hectares. Let an expert guide lead you through the 12th-century cellars, renowned as the oldest in the region, sharing the rich heritage of the beverage.



There is nothing quite like sampling one of the most delicious grape juices in France in its birthplace. Visit Château d'Esclan and sip at whispering angel rosé wine amidst the glorious surroundings of the rolling Grenache vines.

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