Explore Portugal's most beautiful wine villages

Portugal has emerged as one of the world’s top wine regions. Whether you’re craving the sweet tones of port, a full-bodied red or looking to push the boat out with a crisp green wine, the offering of this beautiful country truly caters to all.

For anyone looking to investigate Portugal’s wine scene, we have curated a list of the top 5 wine villages to see.

Douro Valley Villages

The Douro Valley is commonly referred to as the best wine region in Portugal. Famed for their breathtaking landscapes, history and grape juice, these little historical villages certainly have a lot to offer.

Perhaps this comes as no surprise considering the Douro Valley is one of the oldest wine regions in the world. The idyllic villages lie speckled across the iconic landscape which is famous for producing Douro, a highly sought-after port wine.

If you’re hoping to tick off as many of these enchanting villages as possible, rent a car and explore the region on four wheels. You skirt around the beautiful area, popping by the beautiful wine villages of Provesende, Favaios, Trevões, Barcos, Salzedas and Ucanha.

Provesende, Douro Valley

While the Douro Valley Villages in general are definitely worth a visit, the village of Provesende is particularly of note. Do not let the rural characteristics of this quaint haven fool you. It is in fact home to some of the best winery tours in Portugal.

Located on a small plateau above the river Pinhhão, this region is rich in natural beauty and a fabulous place to sample local ports. The ancient vineyards in the area lie nestled in the area’s undulating hills.

Within the village itself, you will find grand manor houses with stone coats of arms, a stunning schist chapel and the remains of a settlement.

Pousadela, Vinho Verde

Vinho verde, commonly referred to as Portugal green wine, is produced in the sprawling vineyards in the north of Portugal. Pousadela is a rehabilitated village focussed on the production of Vinho Verde and is a fantastic place to sample the famous grape juice.

The tourist village boasts magnificent views over the Serra do Gerês and comprises 11 distinct houses with themes inspired by the local past and the lives of ancestors of the area.

Vinho verde is a light and refreshing wine with distinct floral and green fruit notes - perfect for a summer’s day. To visit the region’s vineyards, head towards the main river valleys.

Santar, Dão

Dão is widely recognised as one of the oldest established wine regions of Portugal. Located just south of the Duomo Valley, the area is encircled by dramatic mountains and flourishing with pine and eucalyptus forests.

If you’re seeking red wine from Portugal, Dão is the place for you. The deep ruby grape juice is bursting with fruity, floral aromas with essences of raspberry and blackcurrant.

Now a little bit about Santar. The village is home to just 1000 inhabitants and is renowned for its abundance of stunning manor houses and palaces. Steeped in winemaking traditions, it makes a wonderful place to visit while exploring the wine regions of Portugal.


The sweeping landscapes of Portugal are famous for producing some of the finest wines in the world. Flourishing with unique grape varieties, this gorgeous part of the world lends itself perfectly to budding wine enthusiasts.

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