Making it a Wine Trip to Remember!

Are you a wine-lover thinking of planning your next big vacation? If yes, then we have the best solution at your disposal to help you create a wine trip of a lifetime!

Wine holidays are becoming the next best thing in the world tourism industry. And why wouldn’t they? If you add delicious wines to stunning landscapes, stir in some world-class hospitality and garnish it with delectable gastronomy, you get the perfect recipe for a bespoke wine vacation package. And at Wine Paths, we promise to offer you the crème de la crème of wine tasting vacations all around the world.

What Exactly is a Wine Tasting Vacation Package?

Imagine yourself in the beautiful valleys of South America or lounging by the Mediterranean beaches with a day of wine experiences at the best wineries in the regions exclusively being planned for you. You are staying at a luxury hotel, perched among the vineyards, you dine at the finest restaurants in town and you experience the sensational world of wines like never before- the best of all experiences, all during a single wine trip!

Our wine holidays are planned with a touch of luxury, so we will make sure that you get that grand suite by the pool or a private helicopter ride to cruise over the vineyards or even get to reserve a table at a famous Michelin-starred restaurant. Organizing the best wine tasting vacations is no longer a stressful task that you need to worry about.

Create Your Own Luxury Wine Country Vacations

For all your organizing woes, we are here to help you create the best wine vacations in the wine regions of your choice. With 11 countries across 5 continents to choose from, we have an impressive list of destinations where you can build your own trip from scratch, minus all the hassle. 

Not all heroes wear capes and so our super-trip makers or as we refer to them- "our local travel experts", in these different wine regions around the world are ready to save the day for you! For your wine tasting vacations, all you need to do is choose the wine region or country of your choice and get in touch with the local expert in that region. Our expert will then tailor-make your wine vacations depending on your preferences and interests. You can choose from a plethora of adventure, gourmet, leisure and luxury wine experiences in some of the finest wineries in the region. You can also choose to book hotels with spas and wellness centers, boutique hotels with wine cellars and vineyards or hotels with fine-dining or Michelin-starred restaurants: Your wish is their command.

With different experiences like hot-air balloon rides, wine cruises, gourmet cooking classes, truffle-hunting tours, city walks, golf and wine tours and hiking or biking trips among other activities, you are sure to never have a dull moment during your luxury wine country vacations.  Our suggestions and expertise can help transform your multiple-day wine trip to one of the best wine tasting vacations you would ever experience. Get inspired by our extensive list of wine destinations all over the globe to start planning your dream vacation!

Contact our local travel expert in the wine region of your choice and let them customize for you, some of the best wine vacations!

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