Food tour France: Accompany fine wines with incredible cusine from the gourmet capital of the world

France is noted for many things, including its cultural history, iconic architecture, revolution, romance… and some of the world’s most highly regarded wines and cuisine.

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In the same way that France’s many wine regions have their own individual personalities – elegant red wines from Bordeaux, dry whites from Burgundy and the sparkling celebrations of Champagne – the country also claims a wide diversity with food.

A food tour of France can cater for all tastes, according to which region of the country you wish to travel:

South-West France carries an emphasis on rich foods, with main specialities including duck (confit de canard), foie gras, prunes (pruneaux d’agen), oysters, mushrooms and truffles – all of which can be accompanied by a beautiful Bordeaux wine.

North-West France is best known for its seafood, especially mussels and oysters. Normandy is famed as the home of Camembert cheese as well as apples for producing cider and calvados – while it is impossible to escape crepes in Brittany.

North-East France is unlikely to feature in a culinary tour of France given its penchant for vegetables that grow well in the cooler climate such potatoes, cabbages and beetroot. But, all can be forgiven from a region that also brought the world Champagne.

Eastern France is heavily influenced by its neighbour Germany – with pork and pickled cabbage typical staples on the menu. The region is also famed for savoury pastries and tarts, as well as being the birthplace of Quiche Lorraine.

Burgundy can rely on the quality of its beef and wine to lure France food tours to the region where specialities such as boeuf bourguignon and coq au vin are doused in wine – while the locals take great pride in preparing escargot a la Bourguignonne (snails in garlic herb butter) to perfection.

South France is influenced by Spanish and Basque tastes, which bring tomatoes, peppers and spicy sausages to the table. The most renowned dish from the region is cassoulet (a stew of beans in tomato sauce with pork or duck) while Bayonne ham is highly sought after.

South-East France borrows olives, olive oil, herbs and garlic from its Italian neighbour. The region’s proximity to the sea has led to the popularity of bouillabaisse, a fish soup in tomato sauce that is crammed with different seafood and shellfish.


Our local experts across the country can organise exclusive food tours of France to accompany our luxury wine experiences. Itineraries can be tailormade to suit your exact requirements, ensuring every detail is taken care of before you arrive.

Among the private France food tours we offer is a day tour spent experiencing the authentic culture and cuisine of Provence, which includes collecting fresh ingredients from local farmers’ markets in the historical town of Aix before being taught how to cook a gourmet meal by a respected chef.

Another tour involves one where visitors can also see there is more to Champagne than its eponymous sparkling wine. Our France culinary tour of the region will take you to authentic local restaurants that only connoisseurs know about or Michelin starred restaurants where famous chef emphasise their finest products.

And, for those with even more extravagant tastes, caviar tasting in Bordeaux is a food tour of France not to be missed. You will be given the opportunity to sample three types of caviar at Sturia, a world class producer located just 20 minutes from Bordeaux.


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