Paris guided tours: Explore the iconic momuments and museums of France’s capital city

Paris is synonymous with romance, beauty, architecture and a gilded cultural history – all of which have led France’s capital to become one of the most frequently visited cities in the world.

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Whether you want to visit iconic monuments or museums, shop the latest fashions or sample gourmet foods and fine wines, this inexhaustible city has something to offer everyone.

With so many attractions, experiencing the city can be a daunting prospect that can be easily settled by taking one of the many guided tours of Paris that allow you to explore the area accompanied by a professional.

Our local expert can organise a range of Paris guided tours, including tourist attractions, food and wine tastings and luxury stays, which can be tailormade to your exact needs – ensuring every detail is taken care of before you arrive.

Guided tours of Paris range from typical sightseeing tours to those that specialise in a particular attraction, for instance museum tours, wine tours, gourmet food tours, romantic tours, photography tours or even a petanque tour of the city.

A guided city tour of Paris during the day is often best spent taking in some of the world’s most famous monuments and museums. If you are planning to experience Paris, here are six cultural attractions not to be missed:

The Eiffel Tower is undoubtedly France’s most iconic monument and a symbol of Paris itself. Visitors can climb the tower by lift or stairs to reach incredible panoramic views of the city from the third floor, while other levels feature shopping and the famous Jules Verne restaurant.

The Louvre museum houses a collection of masterpieces including The Venus de Milo, The Wedding Feast at Cana and, of course, the enigmatic Mona Lisa. Paris guided tours of Pei’s glass pyramid are accompanied by an expert to explain the history of art and answer any questions.

The Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, no guided tour of Paris would be complete without seeing this marvel of Gothic architecture. Accompanied by an expert, you can experience the cathedral outside of normal viewing time, discover the great towers and enjoy unrivalled views of the city from the top of them.

The Palace Garnier Opera House is one of the city’s most splendid monuments of architecture where you can explore the incredibly detailed interior design during a guided tour in Paris. As the largest opera house in Europe, it hosts regular opera and ballet performances.

The Palace of Versaille is as magnificent as you would expect from being a former residence of the kings and queens of France. The remarkable architecture and breathtaking gardens are seen in the estate located in the countryside outside of Paris and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Musee d’Orsay is renowned for its incredible collection of impressionist art. During a Paris guided tour you can learn about the pictorial movement and discover the secrets of famous paintings from the likes of Manet, Renoir and Degas from the bowels of a dazzling train station with the appearance of a palace.

The so-called ‘City of Lights’ comes alive when night falls, with a guided city tour of Paris equally as popular during the evening where you can see iconic monuments illuminated, take a dinner cruise down the Seine or visit a cabaret show such as Moulin Rouge or Crazy Horse.

Wine is France’s most cherished nectar and our tailormade guided tours of Paris can show you the intricacies of wine making and wine tasting in the capital. There is always the opportunity to sample premium wines often alongside pairings with gastronomic meals.


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