Indulge your senses at a wine resort – Sicily’s charm lies in its unique history

There are few more enchanting wine destinations in the Mediterranean than Sicily. Boasting endless vineyards, rolling hills, spectacular coastlines, numerous UNESCO sites and Europe’s largest volcano. What better place to base yourself to explore than at a wine resort.

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Sicily – a land of contrast

Sicily’s stunning scenery and unique mix of civilisations is sure to captivate any who visit. The Mediterranean’s largest island provides a unique, rich mosaic of both natural and constructed wonders. This captivating island wraps breath-taking coastlines, crystal clear seas, terraced vineyards invaded by streams of lava, and rolling hills of olive groves, vineyards and wheat fields into one enchanting package. Discover ancient Greek temples in Agrigento, the ancient port of Siracusa and the golden Baroque towns of Noto and Ragusa. Explore the colourful markets of Palermo and Catania. Relax in the fishing village of Trapani and marvel at the sparkling salt pans, characteristic windmills and glistening mounds of salt at the historic port of Marsala before heading off to relax and discover the local wines at a wine resort.

Sicily – a palette of intriguing flavours

Sicily rightly deserves its reputation as a food and wine paradise, revered by Greeks, Romans and Phoenicians alike. Thanks to having more than its fair share of foreign rulers, Sicily is home to one of the most richly diverse cuisines in the whole of Italy, with spice, couscous, dried fruits and almonds appearing on the menu as well as a host of ripe fruit and vegetables and fresh seafood and fish. The landscape is a patchwork of olive groves, vineyards, carob trees, prickly pears, citrus fruit, pistachios, capers and artichokes. The sea is full of fresh bounty waiting to be caught, purchased at the island’s bustling markets and then to find its way to your plate.

Stay on the slopes of a volcano

The island’s vineyards yield excellent wine from wide range of varieties, both indigenous and international, grown in distinctive terroirs. Enjoy high-altitude wines from the slopes of Mount Etna, Sicily’s menacing active volcano. Many wines here are crafted by pioneering boutique winemakers from local varieties Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio and Carricante. The slopes of Etna are also the ideal place to base yourself to explore the southeast of the island, from the comfort of a wine resort.

Sicily is home to many unique varieties, such as Nero d’Avola, which has found international fame, and Frappato, a light red, which often pairs with Nero d’Avola to produce Cerrasuolo di Vittoria, Sicily’s only DOCG. Marsala, the historic fortified wine, is produced in the west of the island, and is worth rediscovering for its range of nutty flavours derived from its ageing in a kind of solera system. The hills outside Marsala boast many ‘baglio’, fortified traditional manor houses, some of which have been turned into an attractive wine resort.

Sicily – island of islands

Many islands lie of the coast of Sicily, quite a few of which are also renowned for their wines, sweet wines in particular. Pantelleria, lying closer to Africa than Sicily, produces an unmissable luscious sweet Passito di Pantelleria from the local Moscato variant, Zibibbo, whereas the Aeolian Islands, otherwise known as Lipari Islands, are home to Sicily’s famous sweet Malvasias.

Sicily has something for everyone – an enviable climate, sandy beaches, ancient ruins, an active volcano, and fabulous cuisine and wines. Whether you want to explore by bike, take a cookery course, indulge in some wine tasting or simply relax at a wine resort, Sicily is sure to deliver you the perfect experience. Let our local experts craft your customised stay in this uniquely appealing, timeless land.


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