Spanish wine regions: The world's largest

The wine regions in Spain are known to produce some of the best wines in the country. Discover these wines and the best of Spanish tourism on your next wine vacation in this magnificent wine country.

As for all the Mediterranean rim, the Spanish wine regions goes back to the time of the exchanges with the Phoenicians, then of the Roman occupation. It is an extremely vast vineyard but whose yield is lower than that of Italy and France. The explanation lies in less tight plantings and lower yield per strain. Since its entry into Europe, wine regions of Spain have been boosted while avoiding giving in fashion international grape varieties. Dynamism and modernism through tradition ...

The vast majority of the wine regions in Spain undergoes a dry and very hot Mediterranean climate, a small part is under oceanic influence. These climatic conditions, sometimes extreme (the inhabitants of Madrid usually say 9 months of winter, 3 months of hell) can lead the grapes to significant levels of maturation, hence a high concentration of matter and alcoholimetric titles high.

Spain is the 3rd largest producer and exporter of wine in the world, with the largest vineyard area. The Spanish wine region is in full swing

Ardently sought after by enthusiastic enthusiasts, they are increasingly recognized in Spain but also more widely in Europe, the United States and Asia.

Wines that did not even exist in the early 1990s, such as Ermita and Pingus, were immediately elevated to cult wines, thus advancing the image of Spanish wine regions around the world.

The quality / price ratio of the great wines of Spain is at the moment one of the best on the world market. The best wines are produced in the regions of Ribera Del Duero, Rioja and Priorat and other regions like Toro, Navarre or Rias Baixas (with the Albariño white grape) are beginning to produce wines of international stature.

The characteristic of the wines is their fruity flavor whatever the vintage or the region of production.

Wine regions of Spain had a hard time moving from mass viticulture to high-quality viticulture, and entered the fine wine market only after California. Fifteen years ago, there were only 6 regions with some claim to quality: today they are 20.


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