Owner of 42 wine estates around the world

Bernard Magrez is a name synonym with world-renowned wines, luxury wine experiences and excellence. He owns wine estates in France, Argentina, California, Chile, Japan, Morocco, Portugal and Spain. He is the sole owner of four classified growth in different prestigious Bordeaux Classified Appellations: Chateau Pape Clement in Graves, Chateau La Tour Carnet in Haut-Médoc, Chateau Fombrauge in St Emilion and Clos Haut-Peyraguey in Sauternes.

Mr. Magrez’s passion for wine is palpable across his properties. In this exclusive interview with Wine Paths, he tells us about the Bernard Magrez Experience and more…

The French Dream

If we were in the US, we’d say you are the “American Dream”: you came from a rather modest upbringing and are now the owner of over 40 wine estates around the world. But… we are in France. Can we say your life story is the “French Dream”? A life dedicated to wine, excellence and French hospitality, rewarded by international renown…

B.M.: I do not know if it's the "French dream" but it was my own dream. I did not have any degrees but I was hungry for success.


Exclusive Wine Experiences

Your wine estates are located in some of the most renowned wine regions in the world -from Bordeaux, to Argentina and Spain, and even in some newly-developed ones like Morocco or Japan. Your commitment to excellence is renowned.  

When someone visits one of your properties, they come expecting to taste remarkable wines, but what about the rest of the “Bernard Magrez Experience”? From a cultural institute to a spectacular boutique hotel in the heart of Bordeaux and a 2-Michelin stars restaurant, your wine estates are every wine lover’s dream. What should guests expect from the luxury wine experiences you offer across the world?

B.M.: The visit of our grands crus classés allows visitors to see where everything started, on some legendary terroirs of Bordeaux.

Here, year after year, the hand of the man has drawn up an exceptional vineyard, which we hold close to our heart. We want visitors to discover them, as well as the patrimony of these places, where history was made, for example at Château Pape Clément, owned by Pope Clement V or at Château La Tour Carnet where Michel de Montaigne lived.

We also propose to taste these mythical wines and, within the Bernard Magrez Wine Academy, to discover some of the secrets of great wines. This academy includes all kinds of themes, tastings, for example vertical tasting of great wines and workshops, such as our Food and Wine pairing workshops or our B-Winemaker assembly workshop, which allows you to create your own wine, blending it from scratch.

In short, our ambition is to invite visitors into a world of excellence and to offer them an unforgettable experience!


Wine & Travel

This question is for the Wine Paths’ traveler looking for inspiration… You own 42 wine estates in diverse wine regions around the world. If you had to pick your favorite memory of “wine & travel”, which one would it be?

B.M.: Among the most beautiful experiences I have ever had in my life, there is the discovery of wines that, for my taste, have a remarkable potential. Among others, I enjoyed discovering Spanish wines, like the exceptional ones in the Priorat.

One last question

You are a “success story”: if Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you like to play you?

B.M.: I would like it to be a French actor, Pierre Arditi, for example.


Bernard Magrez is the owner of over 40 wine estates around the world, including 4 Classified Crus in Bordeaux.
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