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13/05 - Seemingly infinite manicured green fields, the sun shining and a day of relaxation ahead. Tempting, right?

More and more, golf enthusiasts are signing up for Golf & Wine programs around the world, to not only enjoy the sport but also top wines after having worked up a thirst. What better way to round up your day on the course than with an exclusive wine tasting?

Wine Paths’ Wine Consultant, world-renowned Michel Rolland, will be hosting his own golf tournament in Saint-Émilion this coming weekend.

Michel Rolland Trophy Tournament*

Golf and oenology, the two passions of the "Wine Guru", come together at the Michel Rolland Trophy in Saint-Émilion.

Michel Rolland, the celebrated oenologist, is a native of Libourne and owns five chateaux in the Bordelais. In the wine world, he is often referred to as the "Wine Guru". He runs an oenology laboratory in Pomerol that counts with nearly 700 loyal “clients”, including exceptional chateaux owners. Some wonder how Michel Rolland still finds the time to play golf and excel at it.

"It's the only open-air sport that I can practice anywhere in the world during my travels," he says. "I've always been a nature and vineyards lover and, in general, golf courses -like vineyards- are in beautiful places. Take those of Kashmir in India, among tea plantations, it's superb."

Designed by architect Tom Doak on behalf of the Mourgue d'Algue family, the Grand Saint-Émilionnais Golf Club is hosting the Michel Rolland Trophy Tournament on May 13: a scramble competition for two, ideal for lovers of fairways and vineyards.

"We are very proud to welcome Michel’s tournament, he comes regularly to play in the course”, explains Kristel Mourgue d'Algue. “This day will be marked by friendship, conviviality and passion."

The 18 holes of the course will take place in a valley lined by hundred-year-old oaks, surrounded by vineyards, very close to the village of Saint-Émilion.

"Formerly," concludes the organizer, "wine was considered banal and golfing, a hobby for shepherds to pass their time. Nowadays, both are rather sophisticated cultural elements. Quality is the only goal."


Michel Rolland is one of the world's most celebrated winemakers. He is Wine Paths’ Wine Consultant, where he features his selection of preferred wineries: you can identify them by the gold MR logo next to them on the website.

*Please note: this article was originally published in French by Laurent Louet on Le Figaro Golf (05/05/2017). Translation and links by Barbara Pintos for Wine Paths.


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