Join us for Private and Corporate Virtual Zoom Tours and Masterclasses

Continue travelling with our Private & Corporate Virtual Tours and Masterclasses via Zoom

Wondering when you will be able to travel again through the world’s wine regions or countries famous for the art of spirits distilling?

For the last 6 months, we have taken you on our world journey, live from Facebook, from the Bordeaux Vineyards of Château Pedesclaux to Mont Rochelle Vineyards in South Africa, Rocca di Frassinello in Italy.

We also created a new version, the Hospitality Road Trip, with video from the Logis Grey Goose in Charente to mention just a few.

Corporate Virtual Events for companies worldwide

Companies can use these services for team-building purposes, prospection and more!

We can create tailor-made wine tasting breaks during your Zoom conferences, with our network of renowned wineries and distilleries. All your clients or prospects will receive a tasting kit days before the event, so that they will be able to enjoy the tasting at home. 

Corporate Zoom Events at Château de Ferrand


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A Private Invitation to keep travelling

Now we invite you to take your own personal journey through your favorite vineyards and have a tailored made personal and private tour and masterclass, live with Wine Paths and the winery or distillery of your choice.

Have you got a birthday or a wedding anniversary coming up or want to offer a special present for a loved one? This is great time for you to connect virtually with family and friends and enjoy a shared moment of pleasure and discovery. You and your family and friends can now escape for a 1-hour tour and tasting at a winery or distillery in all four corners of the globe, no matter where you all are living in the world.

All our events are fully customizable to suits your needs.

You can’t come to visit physically but we can help you travel virtually!

How does it work?

  • Wine Paths are offering Private Live Tours and Masterclasses with wine tasting and spirits tasting at wineries and distilleries worldwide
  • The private events are being hosted via ZOOM, where Wine Paths, the chosen winery and you the customer (and your friends and family) will connect for a private live experience, which can include a tour of the property and or cellars, and a tasting/masterclass

How do I organize a private tour and tasting?

  • Contact Alison from the Wine Paths team and tell us what winery or distillery you are interested in visiting
  • The team will then provide you with a proposition and quote for masterclasses, tastings or tours, or both
  • For the tasting, either the winery or distillery can ship the bottles required for the tasting directly to you or your clients/prospects. Or we will provide the details of where you can purchase in advance of the date
  • On the day: Join us with the winery or distillery live via Zoom for a personal or corporate tour/guided tasting where you can interact with us and ask all your questions

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