Luxury Accommodation in Barossa Valley, Australia

Many of the luxury hotels of Barossa Valley are situated in the breathtaking vineyards offering incredible wine experiences. You can savor the finest food and wine from the region and enjoy some of the best views from these exquisite accommodations.

Barossa Valley - The Wine Heritage of South Australia

The top-end hotels, though renovated with a modern outlook, are rooted in heritage and provide a distinctive identity to this world-famous wine region. From architecture and heritage to discovering food and wine trails, Barossa Valley is a delight for the wine traveler.

For an immersive experience of this famous wine country, you can choose to stay in 5- Star boutique hotels, sprawling spa resorts and impressive wine estates and country houses. Indulge in ultimate luxury during your stay with numerous activities such as private wine tastings, bespoke guided wine tours, curated cooking classes and well-equipped wellness centers. Those interested in discovering more about the vineyards can opt for picnics and vintage car tours organized by these properties.

The spectacular landscape of Barossa Valley, renowned for its big and bold shiraz-based wines is dotted with historic spired churches and quaint farms and villages, still retaining their German heritage.

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