Best Restaurants in Piedmont, Italy

The cuisine of Piedmont competes with the best gourmet experiences across the world. It offers an excellent synergy as Barolo and Barbaresco are ambassadors to local gastronomy, and local dishes promote Piedmont’s age worthy wines. For pure indulgence, go to Barolo for wine and Alba for truffles.

Piedmont – The Diverse Corner of Italy

The slow food concept originated in Piedmont in 1989 protecting food enjoyment, biodiversity and sustainability. The Slow food principle in its purest form, Piedmont’s food beliefs, along with popular gourmet retailers and many Michelin- star restaurants across the region have established its reputation as a culinary destination.  

The cuisine of Turin is perhaps one of the best in Italy - a delightful combination of France and Italy. Some of the most sophisticated Italian recipes originate in Turin such as elaborate pastries, chocolates and antipasti. The exquisite gianduiotti chocolates are made with hazelnuts from Langhe.

Piedmont boasts one of Italy’s richest selections of cheese. Appetizers include raw meat (carne cruda), vitello tonnato (thinly cut veal with tuna gravy) and bagna càuda, similar to fondue, with roasted vegetables dipped into a sauce made of garlic, anchovies and olive oil.

The classical Italian restaurants retain the flavor of the region yet offer variety which differentiates the experience from the rest of Italy. First courses are plentiful, but one of the most delicious is agnolotti al plin. These are very small, hand-made ravioli stuffed with minced meat and topped with butter, sage and nutmeg. Second courses include bollito misto (“boiled meats”) with spicy sauces, beef, pork and fried eggs with shaved white truffle. Desserts include zabaione, panna cotta and bunet (chocolate pudding).

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