"Welcome to the land of tango, gauchos & Malbec!"

Unique Tailor-Made Travel Experiences in the Wine Regions of Argentina

Unique and customized "Food & Wine" experiences, inspiring explorations of Argentina's culture and natural wonders.

Join us for an inspiring journey in Argentina: enjoy life-changing, epicurean experiences on the Wine Routes of this New World's country, trace the native cultures of Argentina's northwest at pristine Salta and the Altiplanos, or venture yourself into Patagonia's untouched wilderness, while lodging at exclusive wine retreats and "estancias".

An appetite for hidden travel experiences, custom-designed itineraries, and knowledgeable top-notch guides, have been our keys to become partners with some of the world's most exclusive travel companies and discerning independent travelers.

Argentina's wine industry started its revolution way before Malbec became associated with the country's name, although, no doubt, this fructiferous partnership has paid off with world recognition both for the country and the grape. Long before that, Argentina had always been associated with earthy passions, like iits world-famous steak and sensual tango… Malbec was just the missing piece of an almost complete puzzle of delights.

With us, you will experience the sensational destinations of Argentina - from Buenos Aires to Mendoza, Salta and Patagonia - for an unforgettable discovery of this country’s vast and contrasting landscapes on exclusive, privately guided wine tours and tastings of each region's finest varieties..

Sitting at the table of a restaurant in Buenos Aires, it could be easy to (almost) miss one side of the coin.. The multilayered, complex, cosmopolitan capital city seems endless in its concrete, cultural life and museums. For those who have read Bruce Chatwin's classic "In Patagonia", one wonders if those vast lands of fertile plains really exist beyond the almost unreachable city limits…. This, until a “melts-in-your-mouth, to-die-for” steak is served… and you realize it is one hundred per cent grass-fed!

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