Make your own wine hands-on sensorial experience.

Exclusive wine blending workshop in Mendoza, Argentina

A morning of interaction and "wine" entertainment: visit a unique "Hall of Aromas”
and become a winemaker for a day with on a hands-on blending experience at Susana Balbo Wines.

Exclusive Experiences
Half a day

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a winemaker and create your own wine?

Our experience starts on the side roads of Lujan de Cuyo's wine country with a quick stop at the "Hall of Aromas”, a one-of-a-kind “museum“ built around wine's aromatic descriptors.

Afterwards, we will head out to Susana Balbo Wines for an interactive "Blend-Art Experience". Blending is the process of combining different grape varietals to create a wine that presents the best characteristics of each. It is an art in itself that not many master and it holds the secrets to some of the world's best wines. Understanding how blending can make or break a wine will give you invaluable insight into the world of fine wine.

During this hands-on and fun wine blending workshop, you will learn the ABC's of wine-making and then, you will put your newly-acquired knowledge to the test and will blend your own wine. The process is completed with the bottling and creation of our own wine brand (label included!).

Join this original experience for a different approach to wine tasting.

Optional (full-day): only minutes away, Finca Decero Estate, producer of premium wines, is our choice for a relaxed lunch with views of the snowed peaks of the Cordón del Plata ( 17,000 feet).


Half-day Experience

  • Visit the "Hall of Aromas" museum
  • Wine Blending Workshop at Susana Balbo Wines

Full-Day Experience

  • Visit and lunch at Finca Decero Estate

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