Exclusive wine and bike tours Champagne region, France

Welcome to the land of sparkling wines!

On one of our Champagne bike tours, say hello to the land of the rolling hills, bubbly wines and historic Maisons with delicious stories to tell!

Theme : Adventure & Sports Duration : Multiple days Groups : Yes

This is only an example of a multiple-day wine experience in Champagne, France. Our wine tours are entirely tailor-made to suit visitors' preferences, they can be shorter or longer depending on their needs. Please contact us to design your own bespoke wine tour.

The land where the infamous sparkling wine was born has more to offer than shiny wine tours and gourmet cuisine. The region of Champagne is situated a short distance away from the capital city of Paris and hence, a day tour to this incredible wine region is a must for any wine-lover while visiting the iconic capital of France.

Champagne bike tours are gaining increasing popularity in recent years. From leisurely bike rides to adventure biking, the region of Champagne has something for everyone and we are here to help you customize your very own cycling wine tour!

Bike tours: Champagne region

On one of our Champagne bike tours, you will see yourself kickstarting the day peddling along with the beautiful city of Reims. Bike around the old streets and make your way to the outskirts of the town where you will find some famous Champagne houses. Enjoy a leisurely tasting at one of these historic Maisons and find yourself discovering the history and know-how of producing the world’s favorite sparkling wine! From here, you can make your way to the village of Dom Perignon, known as the Pearl of Champagne. This is where Dom Perignon first made Champagne in the 17th Century. If the weather permits you can enjoy a small picnic with some local specialties in the nearby vineyards accompanied with of course, a bottle of Champagne. You can further cycle your way through the Marne valley and cruise by a region that boasts of housing the most number of Grand Cru villages. After calling it a day with a luxurious stay amongst the vineyards, you will be refreshed to continue your Champagne bike tour the next morning.

Our Champagne bike tours are aimed at getting our guests to admire the natural beauty and terroir of the wine region which makes it so special in the wine world. Hence you will find yourself biking your way towards the beautiful town of Epernay along never-ending rows of vineyards. Epernay is home to big names in the Champagne industry like Moet and Chandon, but at the same time houses many small independent producers who are sure to help you give a closer look into the process of making and tasting this bubbly wine. Enjoy a private guided tasting at one of these smaller producer’s wineries and delve into secrets and techniques of traditional Champagne-making.

On our Champagne bike tours, you can also cycle your way through some of the other famous regions of Champagne including Valle de la Marne, Sezanne and Aube. Discover the true essence of Champagne-making and learn about the three varieties of grapes and their significance in the production of this fine wine while cycling around the beautiful French countryside.

For a historic journey through the chalky vineyards of one of France’s leading wine regions, contact us and customize one of our Champagne bike tours exactly to your liking!


  • Discover the beautiful wine region of Champagne
  • Cycle through the historic towns of Reims, Epernay, Marne, etc on a scenic wine route
  • Visit some of the most famous Champagne houses for tasting and guided tours
  • Enjoy gourmet meals or private picnics amidst the vineyards
  • Visit some small independent producers and get a glimpse into the actuality of the sparkling wine industry


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